Junking Weekend

3 Oct

My dad came to visit me this Friday. He brought me a homemade birthday cake-unfrosted. Frosting is the best damn part of the cake! He does weird things like that. He also brought with him his minivan. He drives a minivan by CHOICE. Like I said he is weird. The advantage of having a vehicle in the city is that I was able to drop off bags for donation which made me super happy cause I hate clutter! The biggest advantage of a vehicle though is when you find good trash. Having a minivan you can throw almost anything in there. I found chairs and a poster. Then Saturday my friend Delia visited and we went for a walk to enjoy nature and take pictures. In the first alley we stumbled upon we found an awesome vintage coffee table. We continued our walk and went back with her car later to retrieve the table. Today is Sunday and it was so beautiful out. I went on another neighborhood walk and found some books and a plate. Who doesn’t luv nice free stuff?


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