Hot Child in the City

7 Oct

Or how I spent my birthday wandering Chicago.  It was 80 degrees in Chicago yesterday!  Tis true the best things in life are free.  I headed downtown for a free show by Those Darlins being held at the Apple Store.  To my dismay the show had been canceled due to Steve Jobs death, absurd.

Yes, I think your morons

No show what to do?  Explore downtown by foot.  What do I find? The Prentice Women’s Hospital.  I had just signed this petition the day before to save this building. There is also a Facebook group. There are “certain people” who want it torn down to build something shiny and new.  Others would like it to be declared a Chicago landmark.   The architect is Bertrand Goldberg.

Prentice Women's Hospital

You may be more familiar with his other work the Marina City Towers aka the Twin Corncobs.

Marina Towers

My personal favorite of his work is River City II.  Live here and dock your boat here too!

Dream Home

Making our way to Ohio Street beach we passed some art work devoted to Jane Addams.  Chicago loves Jane.


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