Steve Jobs dead… but at least he didn’t commit suicide!

8 Oct

As I’m sure we all heard, Steve Jobs died this week. Yes, he was young and yes, he changed the world. But into what kind of world? And yes, he was a drop out and didn’t have a high school degree and he became a millionaire.  But how did he accomplish this? By his own hard work and perserverance, right? I don’t think so. He is an exception to the rule and he should not be put forth as a model for anyone to follow.

So here’s why:

You are NOT allowed to commit suicide: Workers in Chinese iPad factories forced to sign pledges

Yup, workers have committed suicide because of unbearable working conditions and now they are asked to sign a pledge that says they will not kill themselves and if they do their families can only sue for minimum damages.
The world he helped create ignores misery for consumption and wealth. Thanks!
So no, Steve Jobs is not an inspiration. His work has contributed to the devastating working conditions of tons of people in the world.
No one is innocent, especially not Jobs.
So long Steve! Thanks for leaving the rest of us in the mess you’ve helped to create.

One Response to “Steve Jobs dead… but at least he didn’t commit suicide!”

  1. kroutchev October 13, 2011 at 2:13 PM #

    i do agree ! Nice writting…
    F Kroutchev

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