18 Oct

in solidarity with occupy wall street and other occupations across the nation, Oakland has started an occupation as well.

it began on October 5, indigenous people’s day. there were drum circles, speak outs, songs were sung and poems read. it was a pretty moving experience to see people come together and finally creating a voice to be heard.

people have taken over Frank Ogawa Plaza and renamed it, Oscar Grant plaza, in memory of the man who was unjustly murdered by a BART police officer.

this is what the occupation looked like a few days ago.

the interesting thing about Oakland’s occupation is that they have one demand: that the people can join together and take over public land and use it for the greater good.

i think it’s great that people feel empowered to take over public land and have better usage for it. people are educating one another with small meetings, they are strategizing for solutions for a better society, and all together just having a voice.

calendar for the day's events.

nightly speak out.

local businesses support the occuptation.

the occupation has grown in size so much that it has moved into a nearby park. power to the people.

for more information on Occupy Oakland you can head over to their website: Occupy Oakland


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