Sexy Halloween Costumes

29 Oct

When Halloween time rolls around I always recall the very astute quote from the movie Mean Girls, “In Girl World, Halloween is the one night a year when girls can dress like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it”.  Is this the reason why women choose to dress sexy on Halloween?  I don’t think it’s the major reason, but I do think many see it as an opportunity to show off what they’ve got.  And in all honesty no one can really say anything about “you” because it is a costume.

During a recent phone convo with my sister I said I wanted to go to a local shop and try on sexy Halloween costumes just to see what the big deal was.  Her response was “Don’t act like you’ve never dressed sexy for Halloween before!  Like it’s some new thing”.  Ok, she’s right.  I’ve totally been a hooker or sexy school girl.  However, I’d never gone to the store to purchase a ready made sexy costume.  We started cracking up over the fact that we created our sexy costumes from what we already had in our closets.  Does that make it worse?!  Creating your sexy costume from clothes you already own?!

Here are some local ads I found in the paper:

Erotic Costumes

American Apparel Ad

Looking For a Sexy Costume?

If The Twins Are Big and The Bumpers Are Wide

Why do women wear sexy costumes?  I think it’s because women want to be seen as attractive.  When we are little girls we want to be princesses for Halloween because they are pretty.  So, when we are older we still want to be seen as pretty.  Except pretty means something different when we are older.  It means being revealing, being attractive to a man.  Women want their attractivness to be validated by others.  Why else would someone wear a sexy costume when it’s 50 fucking degrees outside?

Another reason is sheer laziness.  We don’t want to think or be creative.  Many of us can create a sexy costume from what we already own.  And the costume stores are full of sexiness.  Or like in Mean Girls we just have to add animal ears to our sexy outfit and instant costume!

Ladies, we need to stop being lazy and uninteresting.  We need to quit using sexy as an easy fall back costume.  Here is some inspiration from my friend Jessica who always has awesomely creative, never sexy Halloween costumes.

Garbage Pail Kid

Crazy Bingo Ladies

Double Dare!

And this year's costume, the Kia Hamster. She's even got lights on the damn thing!


One Response to “Sexy Halloween Costumes”

  1. sozmore October 31, 2011 at 2:26 PM #

    It’s just sad when you get to the age that the only thing you can be is a “crazy bingo lady” 🙂 Enjoyed the posts I read, now I think I’ll go look for a good soup recipe! Thanks for the inspiration!

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