Disney Princesses Gone Wild

31 Oct

Oh it must be Halloween.  No other day are there as many little girls running around in frilly dresses screaming I’m a princess.  It does happen on other days though.  There seems to be an increased trend in the amount of little girls that believe they are princesses and are told they are princesses by their parents.  I think it’s good to instill young girls with a healthy dose of self esteem and if it makes them feel valued by calling them a princess then go for it.  The problem is many parents over indulge their little princesses and do not set boundaries for them.  And as a professor of mine pointed out “What happens when all these little princesses end up in the same preschool class?”.  That’s when the mayhem begins.  Fighting, hair pulling, and mean girl stunts such as exclusion begin happening.

There needs to be a way to for little girls to develop healthy self esteem without being referred to as princesses.  We know they are watching the Disney movies where most often the princess has to be rescued.  We want little girls to know that they are their own rescuer.  That they need to be self reliant and not wait on others to do the work for them.  Disney movies also teach little girls how important it is to be in a romantic relationship, definitely a heterosexual relationship.  This is setting girls up to focus their attention on getting a boy.  Come on, lets just enjoy childhood because adulthood lasts a lot longer and there’s plenty of time to obsess about a boy then.

Dressing up is fun and I think little girls should enjoy their Halloween.  And if they want to be a Disney princess then let them.  However, I think homemade costumes are far better than store bought ones because they are one of a kind.  If you are gonna be a princess you don’t want to look like all the others.

Do I have to wear this all day?

I was dressed up as a Disney princess as a kid and it wasn’t damaging to my psyche.  It was very gender stereotypical, but even feminist mothers (mine) do stereotypical things sometimes.  I’m the one on the left and my sis Emmy is on the right.  She was Cinderella before her transformation and I’m the after Cinderella.  Even after all the Disney dogma I grew up to be a feminist  and I still enjoy watching those damn Disney movies.

Are you serious?! I do?!


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