Thrift Score-Elvis Wall Hanging

1 Nov

The King

I found Elvis at the thrift store last week.  I’ve been visiting the Salvation Army next to my internship on a weekly basis.  This has never been my go to thrift store, but since I’m in the neighborhood I stop in.  On this particular day all bedding and curtains were half off.  I found Elvis mixed in with the curtains.  I was shocked and amazed to discover this beautiful, kitschy wall hanging in perfect condition.  Absolutely no flaws.  And at half off it was less than $3.

Elvis claimed his spot in the living room.  After painting the walls white the holes from nails and such were obvious.  There were quite a few markings and spread out, but Elvis covers them perfectly.  Just another reason to love him.

Americana kitsch is personified by Elvis.  Graceland=perfect example.  Both my parents are fans of Elvis and of course shared their affection for him.  My mom in particular loves his movies. I enjoy watching them with her because I love the style of that time period and I also enjoy Elvis’ singing and dancing.

Now it’s time to honor the king and get some vintage fashion inspiration:

Ann Marget’s wardrobe in Viva Las Vegas is absolutely fantastic.

Watch for a good laugh.  Tickle Me has some of the best fashion.

Oh, Elvis you’re so preppy cute in Girl Happy.

And this is my absolute favorite homage to the King of Rock & Roll.  This is one of my go to happy movies to watch when I want to feel better.


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