Vintage & Eco Clothing Goes Together Like a Vanilla & Chocolate Swirl Ice Cream Cone

2 Nov

Dollparts is the awesome clothing line by Michelle Dimitris.  I met her and was introduced to her designs at the Vert Couture Eco Fashion Show.   I loved her clothes so much I just had to hang out w/her and find out more.  I met her at her studio in Wicker Park for the interview.  It felt like when you start spending time with a new friend and are getting to know them better.

*Can you give us a lil intro to yourself?

I grew up near Cleveland and attended Ohio University for Retail Merchandising and Business.   In my last year of school, I realized I was more interested in the creative end of apparel, so I immediately went on to a two-year design school.  I attended Virginia Marti College of Art & Design in Lakewood, Ohio, which was a fashion design curriculum that focused on the haute couture method of dressmaking.  I moved to Chicago a month after graduation and found my first design assistant position for a children’s clothing line.  I took on full responsibility of pattern making and assisted with design and production.  I later moved on to work for Lara Miller, where I learned more about sustainable fashion.  

*What inspired Dollparts?

I started developing Dollparts about a year and a half ago while I was selling vintage clothing. I began modifying some dresses and skirts, which turned into me cutting up the clothing completely and making a new style.  I also started buying up unused fabric from other designers and cutters to use for new pieces.  I chose the name Dollparts to describe all the pieces and parts that make up the materials my garments are constructed from. 

*Do you have a “real” job? If so, what is it?

I eventually plan to work on my clothing line full time, but currently my main position is a freelance pattern maker. 

*Would you call yourself a feminist?

I have never used the term “feminist” to describe myself.  But I am independent and expect men and women to be treated equally.

*What do you do when you are  feeling down to feel better?

I surround myself with positive people that make me laugh.

*How do you find inspiration for your designs?

Vintage clothing is my main inspiration – particularly from the 60s, 70s and early 80s.  I also share a workspace with other imaginative individuals.  We often feed off of each other’s creative energy. 

*What are your wardrobe staples?

Skirts & dresses.  Belts.  Cardigans & sweaters. I love layers and mixing patterns.

*Who are your favorite fashion designers?

Alexander McQueen was always an inspiration to me.  I also love Karl Lagerfeld – not only his designs, but his attitude is extremely inspirational.

*Who are your fashion icons?

Twiggy has been a staple muse for me.  Currently, I enjoy Michelle Williams’ and Rachel Bilson’s style.

*Favorite quote?

“Fiction is where genius lies”.-a lyric from the band Guster.

*How do you like Chicago?

I have been in Chicago for just about five years and it definitely feels like home.  Chicago is a big city full of small town Midwesterners, which keeps a laidback, friendly atmosphere.

I am in love with these shorts. They are a style similar to vintage tap pants.  They almost look like skirts when you are wearing them, but they’re shorts so you don’t have to remember to sit like a lady.

The shorts are of course Dollparts.

Thanks for the interview Michelle!  Not sure if you know, Hole has a great song titled Doll Parts and a great video to go along with it.


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