Family Court Judge Beats Daughter with Belt

3 Nov

Why does this repeatedly happen?  We see it in the news all the time.  Homophobic politician is gay.  A cop that investigates sex crimes is a rapist.  And now a judge who handles child abuse cases is a child abuser.  All of the above examples involve men.  My question is what are doing as a society to create these kind of men?  And what can we do to change it?

What is not being talked about is the mother’s role in this video.  The mother brings the belt to the father that is used to beat the daughter.  The mother herself even hits the girl with the belt.  At one point the mother tells her daughter “to take it like a grown woman.”  The mother says she was “completely brainwashed and controlled” by her then husband.

I am not disagreeing with this, but how many women are in and stay in these kind of relationships?  How many women are sacrificing their own wellbeing and the wellbeing of their children?  And what are they doing it for?  So, they don’t have to be alone?  So, they don’t have to work?  So, they don’t have to give up their lifestyle?

There are arguments that women stay in these relationships because they are scared to leave.  Well yeah, it is damn scary to have to give up what you know.  However you know what is scarier?  One day you or your children could be beaten to death  by your abuser.  Your children are learning to distrust men.  You are setting your children up to one day find themselves in an abusive relationship.

Ladies, the 1st time someone hits you, pushes you, or calls you a bitch is the day you need to walk away from that relationship.  Trust me, I know from personal experience that it only gets worse not better from here on out.

What is disturbing is that the father doesn’t think he did anything wrong.  He simply lost his temper.  And you know, he has every right to discipline his daughter.  Watch that video here.


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