Chile Spiced Mango-My Obsession

4 Nov

My nose is running at this moment due to my obsession.  I am obsessed with dried chile mangoes.  This is my perfect snack.  Chewy, salty, sweet and spicy all in one!  Compulsive is a word used to define obsession.  It aptly describes my behavior towards these chile mangoes.  I will eat the whole bag in one sitting, no matter what size bag it is.  I will continue to eat the mangoes despite my burning tongue and runny nose.  I know it’s not a healthy relationship, but I just can’t stop.

   Trader Joe’s sells a 8 oz bag for $2.

The carniceria on the corner sells a 3 oz bag for $1.79.

Trader Joe’s is definitely the better bargain and I think it’s healthier too.  It doesn’t have added food coloring.

When mangoes are in season I prefer them fresh with some lime juice, salt, and chile powder.  The dried mangoes are the way to go in the winter months.

If you want to be prepared like a squirrel before hibernation season I suggest ordering the 44lb case for $144.76 from this site.  If you don’t need to be that prepared you can also order a 5lb bag from them for $22.75.

If you are interested in adding some flavor to your meals try making some homemade chile mango sauce.


Dude, if you have an awesome vintage blender to make it in even better!

If you are ever in Oakland check out the performing arts company Mangos with Chili. Their art is performed by queer artists of color and about queer and trans of color.  How awesome is that?


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