Covers That I Loved Originally

7 Nov

I adore covers of oldies that I love.  I am particularly enjoy covers of male songs by female singers.  I love things that are extreme opposites.  With the cold weather I’ve been spending more time inside with a space heater on, getting stoned, and listening to music.  These are my favorite covers of originals that I love:

This is the song that started it all.  I was listening to Le Tigre and The Bird and The Bee, and there were songs on both animals that had this beat that reminded me of this song.  I couldn’t think of the song though!  I was obviously thinking of something early 90’s.  It finally popped into my head while listening to Le Tigre.  Bonnie fucking Raitt. I can’t make you love me.  I instantly youtubed it.

Which led me to this amazing cover of it by Adele.  So great.

What kind of stereotypical sexist bullshit is this John & Daryl???

You would have thought this would have started it.

A classic.

I love male & female duets.  Hello, Donny and Marie haha.

Have you heard?

The ultimate.


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