snack time!

15 Nov

so in my house i usually do the grocery shopping. i’m the picky snobby foodie one. i usually do most of the cooking as well. but this past week i was working crazy hours and my love was left to do the groceries.

this meant  he was only going to one store as opposed to my i-need-to-hit-up-3-stores-to-get-everything-i-want-for-a-good-deal routine. and this one store that he will go to is always trader joes.

this also means our groceries consist of more snack food than actual meal time food. this last time i didnt mind so much because the snacks he brought home were amazing.

first off. wasabi wow trail mix.

its spicy. and sweet. and salty. its the trifecta.

second up. raisin rosemary crisps.

it also has the savory sweet factor. these would be delicious with some goat cheese and figs. yum.

i’ve been packing up a container of a mixture of both of these items to take with me to snack on during the day. delish.

i imagine it would be relatively easy to make your own wasabi wow mix if you couldn’t get to a trader joes. or you weren’t as lazy as i am.

and if you were interested in making your own raisin rosemary crisps i found this tutorial : DIY raisin rosemary crisps





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