The Best Lazy Way To Make Pineapple & Giardiniera Pizza

31 Jan

My absolute favorite pizza is pineapple & giardiniera, preferably deep dish.  My first encounter with this pizza occurred at Tedino’s.  On Wednesdays all day, pizzas are half off if you eat in!  This is my go to spot for deep dish pizza in Chicago.  One night I wanted to try something besides the usual favorite of spinach & garlic deep dish.  I decided on pineapple & giardiniera and then had to convince the others to try something new.  Let’s just say anyone who tries it loves it.  It’s the perfect combination of spicy and sweet.

So how do you make this at home?  Well, first off we aren’t making deep dish.  Remember this is the best lazy way to make a pineapple & giardiniera pizza.  It of course starts off with a trip to Aldi for your baking supplies.

Only 3 ingredients are required:

      1.   cheese pizza  

       2.   can of pineapple chunks

3.    jar of giardiniera-I used mild, but I will definitely be purchasing hot next time.

  • To start preheat the oven at 400 degrees.
  • Next place the pizza on a baking sheet regardless of what the ingredients on the box say.  If you set a pizza with toppings on the middle baking rack sans baking sheet you will start a fire in your stove.
  • Add the toppings.

  • Stick your pizza in the oven.  Bake for 12-15 minutes.

When done baking promptly remove from oven and place in freezer for 2 minutes.  Then enjoy!


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