on chris brown. and why those tweets make me want to cry.

17 Feb

Chris Brown has been all up in my newsfeed lately. Thankfully, it’s mainly been about this article from HelloGiggles:

I’m not okay with Chris Brown performing at the Grammy’s and I’m not sure why you are

the article goes through the events of what happened between Brown and Rihanna, the public’s reaction, his “punishment”, and really, why its NOT OKAY TO HIT ANYONE.

So, by letting Brown perform at the Grammy’s are they saying, “Hey Chris Brown, we know what you did and we don’t think women are  important enough to make a stand and say your actions are unacceptable”?

Apparently Brown performed and won an award. And then this happened:

25 extremely upsetting reactions to Chris Brown at the Grammys

Buzzfeed , a website that posts all internet things, compiled a list of 25 tweets by women about Chris Brown.

All of the tweets said something along the lines of how they would let Chris Brown beat them.

So, other than being upsetting why does this make me want to cry?

1. these women talk about the violence as if they have control over the situation in that moment. Like there is a moment of passing. “why, yes, even though you are in a fit of rage, I can let you beat me!” In a moment of violence there is no passing/letting. That person wants control and power and they are willing to go as far as violence to show that.

2. i get the feeling that there is some underlying sexual weirdness in these tweets. as if these women are equating “the beating” to sex.

3. the detailed police report of what Chris Brown did to Rihanna. just reading this makes me want to cry.

4. we don’t think that violence against women is even a problem. or real.

I’m currently taking a women and media class and our last session was completely taken up by people saying this and that about Rihanna. It amazed me to hear how many people thought it was her fault and how she provoked him. People were also really angry that Rihanna is making songs about S&M (which is completely based on consent btw) and making money off her abuse. WTF. Because we think of Rihanna as a victim she should always be a victim, right? Rihanna is doing what she’s doing to get past those events in her life. Get over it.

So bottom line:

It is never. i repeat, never. okay to hit anyone. no matter what they do. just don’t do it. and we, as a society, have to say over and over again that it’s NOT OKAY to hit anyone. even if that means taking away all of Chris Brown’s celebrity endorsements and not letting him perform at the Grammys.

it's never okay to hit anyone.


3 Responses to “on chris brown. and why those tweets make me want to cry.”

  1. Jey Pandian (@jeypandian) February 17, 2012 at 7:38 PM #

    Well written. I agree Vera

    • vera February 18, 2012 at 11:11 PM #

      thanks jey!

  2. steve May 19, 2012 at 5:05 AM #

    Please shut up already u sound like u need someone to beat ur ass up….I mean get over it really!!!! ….dnt u have ur own life to live,?….God ..

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