what’s in your bag? part 2.

22 Feb

initially we wanted to do a post on all three of our own bags and their contents and then life happened!

so here we are just a few weeks later with the second installment of “what’s in your bag?”

i mean really, who doesn’t like looking into other people’s bags?

I go to school full time so that means I lug everything around in a backpack. Backpacks are a lot cuter and more fashion friendly than they were a few years ago. I still like my industrial strength looks-like-im-going-camping-rather-than-class backpack with its cushy straps to ease the pain of heavy books. On days that I’m not in school I have some treasured purses that I like to wear.

So, here it goes:

my everyday purse

1. vintage gucci purse that my dad bought my mother when i was a kid. it’s one of my most prized possessions and has a classic style to it.

2. mac and jac wallet in mustard. it has, like, a million slots for things. i love that.

3. keys on a wristlet that the love bought me many years ago. it’s a Frida Kahlo print fabric and says te amo on it. sadly, the woman he bought it from no longer makes them.

4. chapstick. seriously. my dad swore by it. i swear by it.

5. goody “ouchless” hair ties. it’s rare that i wear my hair down, always in a bun.

6. a pen. i always carry one around and i will write a post later about my writing utensil/paper addiction.

7. dial hand sanitizer. never leave home without it.

my everyday backpack

1. Alite designs Ochiba Backpack. They’re a camping company out of SF and i LOVE their stuff. I have 2 of their bags and bought one for the love as well. Great for traveling, tons of pockets!

2. pencil case from Daiso, a japanese store. They have locations throughout Northern Cali. You can also purchase blueberry hello kitty marshmallows there as well.

3. Little Otsu Daily Planner. If you ask anyone they will tell you that i am high strung. I live out of my planner. These are super cute and have the right amount of space to write your tasks/meetings and room for some notes. They’re having a sale right now, check them out!

4. Blank greeting cards. I’m weird and i love sending out cards to people. I carry around a pack in case i need to write out a thank you note real quickly. These are from Michaels craft stores.

5. I carry my computer around all the time and since i just bought a new one i get a little paranoid about it getting scratched, so i have this awesome, “peacock blue” pixel sleeve from Speck to carry it in. The sleeve is really slim so it doesn’t add a lot of bulk in my bag.

6. All of my academia stuff. Articles and books galore. Pictured, is my intro to WGS book.

7 & 8. I always like to have tissue and a mirror on hand.

Are there any other things that you MUST HAVE in your bag?



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