How To Wear An Animal Print Skirt

25 Feb

While on my Christmas break I purchased a leopard print mini skirt from Goodwill.  I have never owned anything with animal print and was unsure of how to wear it.  While reading the blog Haute Design I came across this picture which renewed my interest in my animal print skirt.

The mixing of patterns was inspiring.  I gathered items from my wardrobe and the inventory from our vintage store.  These looks are my favorite ways to wear an animal print skirt.

Mixing patterns.  This is a silk, vintage Liz Claiborne blouse that buttons up the back.  The  texture and colors of the floral fabric contrast well with the leopard print.  Keep the bottom neutral by pairing with all black.

Elvis goes perfectly with this outfit.  The key to this look is wearing a solid top that picks up on one of the shades in the animal print.  I chose a yellow bodysuit that picked up the colors of the leopard print.  The shoes are also a brown found in the print.  When wearing  a mini keep your top simple and covered to balance the outfit.

This is a dressed down version of mixing patterns.  I wore a vintage denim floral shirt that I tied at the waist and rolled the sleeves up.  It was then paired with brown leggings and brown boots.  Again you want to keep the bottom a more neutral, solid color so it flows together and doesn’t compete with the patterns.

This is a dressed up version for a night out.  I wore a vintage gold top that has some sparkle.  I kept them bottom simple with black tights and high heeled mary janes for the finishing touch.

It started raining which is what caused the spots on the sweater!  Keep it simple on top and a party on the bottom. I wore a vintage, fuzzy Express angora sweater with a black bodysuit underneath.  I added color and texture with a pair of vintage, purple snakeskin heels.

Animal print on animal print.  This is the cute, kitschy version of print on print.  I paired a favorite vintage puppy sweater with the skirt.  The sweater is hand embroidered and has wooden buttons on the shoulders.  It looks adorable with the leopard print skirt and a pair of brown boots.

This is an example of how NOT to wear an animal print skirt.

Do not wear animal print with anything too revealing on top or with high boots.

Unless of course, you are deliberately going for Julia Roberts’ look in Pretty Woman.

What do you think?  Do you have any favorites or combinations you really don’t like?  Have you been inspired to wear animal print?


4 Responses to “How To Wear An Animal Print Skirt”

  1. creativefashionglee March 20, 2012 at 6:58 PM #

    I always adore Olivia Palermo´s style. The most daring advice I´ve shared about how to wear animal print so far is pairing it with a bright solid color. Wearing a print with another bold print is something I am still skeptical of, for only a few has done it right. I find it brave though.

  2. Mujaffar Ali May 15, 2012 at 1:28 AM #

    your All dresses are to good.Visit smccloset website for online shopping.

  3. sasha July 7, 2012 at 3:50 PM #

    i think the best one is where you had the black cardigan it looked really classy yet casual im going to try this # inspired

    • fashionfoodfeminism July 12, 2012 at 1:27 AM #

      If you try this please share a pic! Would love to see your interpretation.

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