Street Style Across The States

27 Feb

Happy Monday everyone!  We are excited to let you in on a new feature to the blog.  On Mondays we will be sharing street fashion from Chicago, San Francisco, and New York.  Since we are each living in these locations which have very different temperatures and populations we wanted to share how people are expressing their je ne sais quoi.


Name=Charlotte (along with her fashionable friend)

Location=Hyde Park

Fave Item=Vintage coat scored at The Village Discount Outlet (the best thrift stores in Chicago)



Location=Binghamton, NY

Fave Item=All of them.  I can’t choose because I use them all so often and I got them from local thrift stores!

Style=Rhapsody in blue.



Location=San Francisco State University

Fave Item=skirt from Zara

Style=A work in progress.  Almost minimalist while emulating some bad assness.


One Response to “Street Style Across The States”

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