what’s in your workspace?

2 Mar

to go along with the “what’s in your bag?” posts we’ve decided to keep going and take it one step further.

fashionfoodfeminism presents:


this is my desk in my craft room/office. a few things about it:

-my desk is actually a vintage kitchen table; it was the table we used when i was kid.

-i keep all of my crafting supplies under the table in little containers.

-i like to keep important supplies up top: school papers/books, stationary, scissors/writing tools, post its, and general cute things to look at.

-i also have a really bad habit of eating in front of/near my computer. but those stuffed shells were so good. and much more enjoyable while watching buffy the vampire slayer.

-i love this print; i bought it at a girl’s rock fundraiser.

-the bf and i just went to seattle for a quick weekend trip; our first stop was at top pot doughnuts. AMAZING.

-i like to keep little reminders of family & friends on my desk. my grandmother made that hot pink ornament and behind it, sits a little jar filled with rocks from chicago.

-i admit, i’m kind of obsessed with organization. i bought these cheap (really cute), magazine holders from target to organize my work for classes.

-i use my computer like crazy; it pretty much goes everywhere with me.

-i’ve have had these small wooden frames for about 1.5 years. i have no idea what to do with them. any ideas?

so. that’s my workspace! do you all have any important items on your desk?

One Response to “what’s in your workspace?”

  1. Jessica March 10, 2012 at 4:33 PM #

    Maybe you should repaint your frames a different color and add pictures or one of your favorite quotes. It will be a nice reminder or a nice decorative touch to your office.

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