Nerdy is in style and hot, in case you didn’t know…

22 Mar

most of my relationships, both romantic and platonic, have revolved around the ability of people to engage in discussions about politics, literature, movies–culture in general– really life critically. of course, this would be impossible without books. actually, this blog would not exist if it wasn’t for books and reading. we all met while doing our BAs in Chicago. it was during this time that the phrase “the personal is political”  (from the Carol Hanisch essay) became a guiding principle in our lives. we took it very seriously and constantly applied to our lives what we read. this blog is a testament to that. because feminism/philosophy means nothing unless you do it. that’s my stance.

thanks to another, wonderfully nerdy, friend i got this video via Jezebel which reminded me of the importance of books in my life, my relationships and in general to women (and men, of course) and how hot it is to fact, these women are advocating to base dating decisions on the persons reading habits. brilliant!



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