Baked Brie & Pear Sandwich

27 Mar

I definitely like to keep it simple in the kitchen.  If something calls for more than a handful of ingredients I just can’t do it.  My brain can’t handle food preparation being complicated.  Which means I tend to eat out a lot.  My inspiration was a similar sandwich I had at Birchwood Kitchen.  I enjoy this restaurant because it’s BYOB and it works cafeteria style.  You put in your order sit down and they bring you your food and then leave you alone.  You want more water and coffee get it yourself.  I like these kind of dining experiences.  Once I have my food just leave me the fuck alone.  Don’t come up every few minutes to ask me how my food is or to refill my water, I can do that myself.

Anyways, I initially tried to grill this sandwich.  That did not turn out well.  I only have a copper pan which heats up fast which is why I own this pan, but apparently that is not the ideal for grilling.  So I burnt my bread and I can’t stand burnt foods.  The smell lingered forever on my hands even after serious scrubbing.  I decided to bake it instead which is definitely easier and more hands off than the whole grilling thing.

The essentials

  • Brie
  • Fresh Baguette
  • Pears

*The butter is optional, if you want to butter the bottom of the bread before baking.  It was more relevant for grilling.


To start, slice up the pear.  You will probably only use half a pear per sandwich.  Slice up the brie.  Layer the pear on a sandwich half and the brie on the other half.  Since I burned a half of bread when I tried to grill it, I layered the unburnt piece of bread with both pear and brie.  Bake in the oven at 375 degrees for 10 minutes.  Once it’s done baking you can smoosh your sandwich halves together.  Super simple and delish!


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