My California Travels

27 Mar

Adventure was missing from my life.  I’ve never been west of Illinois; that just sounds too sad and depressing.  I may have never ventured west of Illinois, but I have traveled to Europe.

So my desire for adventure led me to California.  Partly because it’s sunny and beachy, partly because Vera lives there and I hadn’t spent any quality time with her.  Unfortunately the trip started off miserably.  I was catching an evening flight from O’hare and it was delayed by 2 hours which might not seem like much, but I would now be arriving in San Francisco around 1 in the morning which is 3 in the morning Chicago time.  Fortunately that is my only complaint.

California definitely charmed me.  I am even dreaming of moving there.  It’s warm, sunny, and laid back; all the things I desire.  However, I need a plan first and Chicago is about to enter into it’s best season of the year so I can wait.  If ever I have a wistful longing for California I can always look at these pics.  Or visit Vera.

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