Seattle: I love you for your food

28 Mar

I went to Seattle about a month ago for a quick weekend vacation with the BF. It was fun, we re-connected with old friends and did what we do best: EAT.

I’m known for going on a trip somewhere and only eating, not concerning myself with the sights (we did make some time for that on this trip) or fun touristy things. I also have come up with new titles for meals, “it’s time for 2nd breakfast! and then we’ll go get sushi for 3rd lunch!”.

Thanks to some great recommendations from Hen of Rad and Hungry and my old roommate who works at Le Pichet, Seattle proved to be heaven for my taste buds.

Here is a round-up of delicious food places to eat at in Seattle:


French Toast w/ berries from the toppings bar at Portage Bay

Smoked Salmon Benedict from Vera's (i had to go!)

Lunch! and Dinner! (everything was a blur at this point.)

Crisp & Fresh spring rolls @ Sub Sand

oysters @ le pichet

mouth watering charcuterie plate at le pichet

mole: to die for. yum. @ la carta de oaxaca

this photo does not do any justice for the bomb-tastic oysters at the walrus & the carpenter. worth the wait & every cent.

Snacks! and everything in between!

cupcakes at cupcake royale

red bean tea cake from the tea room @ the panama hotel

soy latte from uptown espresso- "home of the velvet foam"

pancakes and bacon cupcake from the yellow leaf cupcake co. super yum.

do yourself a favor & get a drink at king's hardware. they have arcade games and awesome decor. incredibly friendly staff as well.

Things that were consumed (but i was too busy eating that i forgot to take a photo):

doughnuts at top pot doughnuts

massive amounts of crab and fresh seafood at salty’s on alki beach

delicious deli meats from bavarian meat deli. located a couple doors down from the original starbucks, skip the coffee, go for the meat.

i left seattle full and wanting more. i will be back! do any of you have any seattle food recommendations? we would love to hear some more!


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