Fashion Origami!

29 Mar

I live in a small town, needless to say we hang at my friend’s houses most of the time, there’s nothing more to do, except go to the bar and that gets boring. While at one of their houses I noticed this awesome paper dress:

I asked my friend what it was and she said: Fashion Origami! I thought it was so cool. I hate origami, mostly because I suck at it. Here is the shirt I made and the shirt my friend made:

See what I mean?

However, I really like the idea, it’s a way to spend time clearing your mind and focusing on making something creative. As a grad school student I really appreciate whenever I can be creative.

This is the brand that my friend had. It costs about $12 plus shipping and brings a lot of already cut paper and the instructions. Below is my friend’s collection… that  green bow-tie piece is actually supposed to be a bra…

Of course, this also has an effect or maybe reflects trends already present in fashion. This blog has a good sample of this connection

And for an everyday sense of how to bring origami into our lives here’s an awesome pic from London Fashion week…get inspired!

pic from:


One Response to “Fashion Origami!”

  1. dapperdolly March 29, 2012 at 2:07 PM #

    So cute! I think your shirt looks good 🙂

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