Keep Your Febreze, Glade Plug-Ins, & Yankee Candles Far Away From Me

31 Mar

I hate artificial scents.  They irritate my senses and make me sneeze.  They are literally poisoning the air you are breathing.  WTF??  Why do that to yourself?  I also am not a fan of the smell of marijuana.  It’s not one of those scents that makes me go, oooh let me smell some more.  On top of that I don’t want to offend my neighbors with the smell of pot smoke.  The solution is incense.

I know some people have a prejudice against incense because they associate it with hippies.  Get the fuck over it.  Incense is the best way to scent your home.  It has the most pleasant, lingering scent.  Most candles you can’t even smell when they are burning.  And incense was around way before hippies.

My favorite is the Magnifiscents line by Shoyeido.  It’s all natural without any synthetics.  It can be found at Whole Foods stores or if you are in Chicago you should check out Eclecticity.  It’s a small local store in Lincoln Square filled with unique items and a friendly store cat.  At $3.50 these are a steal!  Each stick burns for about 30 minutes and the scent lingers for hours.

Each pack of incense comes with it’s own incense burner so you don’t even have to worry about buying one. So if you thought you had to buy the incense AND the incense burner and that’s what was holding you back from making the switch it’s all taken care of.  No more excuses for using those awful artificial sprays with names like summer breeze and escape to the rainforest.  Do you really think that what comes out of those cans conveys those scents?!  Maybe the scents get you high from the chemicals in them and that’s why you really like them.


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