Spring Cleaning My Marijuana Paraphernalia

31 Mar

Whenever there is a change in seasons it’s always a good idea to do some major cleaning.  A much needed cleanse.  A rejuvenation.  That includes my bowl which is what I use to smoke out of.  I don’t have the skills necessary to roll a joint or make a bong.  Those are fun, but unnecessary complications that would inhibit my smoking.  If you recall my love poem to weed then you should have gleaned that I use marijuana on the daily.  For the most part.  The exceptions are if I’m traveling or there was some bad planning on my part and I’ve smoked it all and my hook up is m.i.a..  Oh, that is when you will find me close to having a meltdown.

I had done some necessary light cleaning/maintenance for my bowl because it was clogging.   I was disgusted by the build up of resin I cleaned out.  This is when I determined it was time to for a thorough cleaning.  So how does one deep clean a bowl like this?  Well, I turn to my trusty rice cooker to handle the dirty work.

All I have to do to clean the bowl is add a little salt and a little rubbing alcohol to the water.  Set it on cook and let it “cook” for 30 minutes to an hour.

As you can see, all the resin that came out of the bowl started sticking to the sides of the cooker and turned the water that lovely amber color. Definitely should have cleaned this thing out sooner.  Word of caution: a lovely stank aroma of funky marijuana is emanated during the cleaning process.

Are you surprised to find out it’s blue and green and not black?!

The actual bowl part reminds me of grassy fields.

The pipe part reminds me of calming, tranquil blue waters.

Taking a moment to relax and reflect on the beauty of the bowl.   Then it’s smoking time.


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