Fashion & The Kitchen. Or That Time I Microwaved My Yoga Pants.

6 Apr

I was recently thinking about what I wanted to write about next.  I’ve combined fashion and feminism, but neither with food.  I wondered what results I would get upon Googling feminist food.  And then a memory popped into my head.  The time I microwaved my yoga pants and THEY CAUGHT ON FIRE.  Ok, I know you are probably thinking why would you try to microwave yoga pants and what kind of idiot are you?!  I’ve never claimed to know my way around a kitchen.

It all started one really cold winter day.  In Chicago it’s necessary to wear layers.  So, I would often wear leggings or yoga pants under jeans.  This day I had spilled water on the only clean pair of yoga pants I had.  In effort to dry them so I could wear them, and since I had to leave soon, I decided to pop them in the microwave while I continued to get ready.  I was in the bathroom when I heard sparking and sizzling sounds coming from the kitchen.  I wandered, not rushed, into the kitchen and saw fire in the microwave.  I yanked open the door, pulled out the pants, and stomped out the fire.  If you ever find yourself in a similar situation I would recommend throwing water on the fire instead of stomping it.  There was no saving the yoga pants.  The fire had burned away the butt of them.  And the apartment had an awful burnt smell.  I left to go to campus and took the pants with me. I didn’t want to keep that smell in the apartment.  I threw them away in a trash can as soon as I got outside.  Hours later the smell still clung to me.  I spent a whole day smelling like burnt toast.  This is only one example, there are other fire stories,  of why I need supervision in the kitchen.

How can you not love yoga pants?  They are more flattering than sweats and super comfy.  Can you however wear yoga pants outside of the gym?  I think you can and of course other women do.  But is there a way to wear them so it doesn’t look like you are going to work out?  Definitely.  Here are the best examples:

The key to pulling off yoga pants other than as work out gear is balance and proportion.  Remember, tight yoga pants are like leggings.  Try to keep your camel toe to yourself.  That is why tunics or flowy, longer length tops are best.  Define whether you are going for a dressy yoga pant look or a casual yoga pant look and accessorize accordingly.  I haven’t tried wearing cropped yoga pants with heels yet, but it is on my to do list.  I know some people think it’s a definite no to wear your work out clothes for a night out, but rest assure:

2 Responses to “Fashion & The Kitchen. Or That Time I Microwaved My Yoga Pants.”

  1. Emma Fujii (@SomnambulistAi) April 19, 2012 at 8:01 PM #

    Oooh girl don’t put water on a fire that originates in the microwave, it’s an electrical fire so that can make it worse. I think it’s either baking powder or baking soda that will put it out. I almost blew up my microwave once because I tried to heat up my tea in a mug made of some metal…scary day.


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    […] Fashion & The Kitchen, or That Time I Microwaved My Yoga Pants. Funny article with a few photos of people actually pulling off yoga pants in public. I couldn’t believe it either, but the pics prove it’s possible. […]

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