Style Is Primarily A Matter Of Instinct~Bill Blass

20 Apr

This is my beautiful city Chicago. At times it is overwhelming. Nonetheless the beauty can always be found, even on those awful bleak winter days, if you look hard enough.  I spent the other day strolling around museum campus and visiting the Shedd Aquarium.  My favorite creatures at the aquarium are:

The blue poison dart frog “wearing” my favorite color.

Did you know that the male seahorse is the one that becomes pregnant and gives birth?

Since I knew I would be doing a lot of walking I needed to dress comfortably, but of course without sacrificing style.  Flats were a necessity.  I chose a pair of vintage Nina flats in a bright teal.  I wanted a pop of color since the rest of my outfit was neutral.

I wore a vintage navy leotard as a bodysuit.  The only drawback to wearing an actual leotard and not a bodysuit is of course that whole having to get naked to use the bathroom.  Besides that, the body hugging fit of the leotard balanced the loose, flowy skirt.   I don’t normally wear longer skirts, but this vintage Chaus was hiding in my closet.  Navy and white polka dots are one of my favorite combinations, a timeless classic.

To play off the polka dots I wore a pair of vintage silver heart earrings.  And I had this vintage Bill Blass colored jean jacket to keep me from getting chilly.  After all that walking it was nice to just sit down, lean back, and observe my Chicago.


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