Vintage Betty Crocker Cook Book

25 Apr

I like to collect vintage books.  Their aesthetic appeals to me.  This was one of the books I purchased when hardcover books were 5 for $1 at the thrift store.  This book is filled with easy recipes, lovely illustrations, and beautiful photos.  Betty Crocker’s NEW DINNER for TWO COOK BOOK was written in 1964 by General Mills.  You can pick up your own vintage copy here.

My book came with this adorable inscription written on the inside cover.

Vintage sexism was so charming.  “If you are a bride, a business girl, career wife, or a mother whose children are away from home—this book is for you.”

Good menus begin with these 9 rules.

Love the table setting and check out the strawberry shortcake.

America’s native dishes.

When Americans use to sit down and enjoy their food.

Who sets a dining room table anymore?

Life advice: Every dinner should be like a party!

Flowers are essential to a vintage table setting.

Planned Overs and an inspiration shelf in your kitchen for quick meals.  For the woman who wants to do it all.

Yellow and green paired with candles creates a simple, yet elegant table setting.

The illustrations are themed to the recipes.

Vintage TV dinners.

It’s an art to plan meals on a budget.

Vintage cauliflower serving dish and ladle.

Can we just skip to dessert?

Food is art.

Inspirational salads.

Kitchen essentials.


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