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The Coolest Cat I Ever Did Know

26 Oct

Are you familiar with the quote by Steve Barry, “If someone is nice to you but rude to the waiter, they are not a nice person” (?).  I think this quote is applicable to animals too.  If someone is nice to you but rude to animals, they are not a nice person.  How you treat others, including animals reflects on who you are.

I looooove animals.  I’ve been having deep, meaningful (strictly platonic) relationships with animals before I could talk.  I was walking in Pilsen tonight and saw a black & white cat sitting on a stoop.  I took out my camera to take a pic, but the cat immediately came up to me.  I couldn’t resist. We became fast friends.  I instantly started snapping pics, naming the cat Jose since I was in Pilsen and being stereotypical I had to give the cat a Mexican name.

I’m always a little concerned in such situations though.  I worry that what if this friendly cat chooses the wrong person to be friendly with?  I like to believe that cats, & animals in general, do have a sixth sense and can sense who would harm them.  Jose definitely knew he found a friend and was a loving purr-ball.

He even started doing tricks for me.

The coolest cat I ever did know was actually named Jose.  I named him that when I was 3 and I thought it was spelled “Hose”.   He was “my” 1st cat of my own, yeah I claimed ownership of him.  You can’t really own a cat though.  And if I must be stereotypical again, Jose was totally a tranny.  He was technically a boy, but wanted to be a girl.  He let me dress him up, he loved to cuddle, and he was so nurturing.

My Jose-The Coolest Cat I Ever Did Know. He was definitely a feminist.

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