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George Carlin Was A Feminist

13 Mar

I adore and admire George Carlin.  I think he was a very wise man and will one day share with you his life philosophies, but today is about George Carlin The Feminist.  Some people may find this an outrageous claim, but I’ll prove my point.  Let’s first discuss the above video which is actually just audio.  George talks about rape and claims that rape can be funny depending on the exaggeration.  What he is doing is giving an intro into a discussion about rape, but he does it with a touch humor.  I feel humor is an effective tool for getting people to let their guards down and not put up defenses immediately.  Through his comedy he was able to reach a wide diversified audience.  And when he is joking about rape he is basically saying what the fuck is wrong with this guy?  He is putting the blame on the rapist and not the “victim”.  Oh, and he was completely right about there being a higher incident of rape at the North Pole.

He also jokes about feminists and language and I agree with him on this.  My big issue is with the word girl being used for adult women and how we shouldn’t do it because it infantilizes women.  Many of my female friends use the term such as hey girl or you’re my girl.  And I don’t think there is anything wrong with that.  We aren’t trying to put each other down or be demeaning.   For us it’s a term of affection, a closeness, a bond.  I think women using the term amongst ourselves is ok.  A guy however should never say hey girl to me (or any other woman).  I have a name, use it and if you don’t know it hey hey is not the way to go about it.

This is one of my fave clips of George’s comedy.  He tackles all the issues of abortion with humor!  What’s more entertaining than that?  Everyone should watch this video regardless of their view on abortion.  My favorite moments are when he asks the audience to name 6 ways humans are better than chickens, homosexuals, the Catholics, and how periods make women serial killers.

“We declare war on the things we don’t like about ourselves”.  His observations on our society were so astute.  He was for the people.  He has the perfect solution for homelessness.  He thought golf courses should be turned into housing for the homeless and that it should be referred to as houselessness.  Does that not sound like a feminist to you, a radical feminist at that.  I completely agree that way too much land is used for golf courses and that it is an elitist, sexist, and racist “game”.  Golf is NOT A SPORT.  CHEERLEADING IS A SPORT.  Golf is the fat, white guy’s so called sport.

Even though George passed in 2008 he was always a good judge of character.  He totally got Rush Limbaugh.  I mean, Rush has been married 4 times and doesn’t have any children yet is completely clueless about birth control.

Clueless: a movie of the past or inspiration for the future?

20 Dec

Clueless came on today on a cable channel. My brother and I explained to our younger brother how important this movie was to us. Some how it represented a part of our childhood. Clueless was released in 1995 and starred Alicia Silverstone (Cher), Stacey Dash (Dionne) , and the late Brittney Murphy (Tai).

I was surprised to see how much of the fashion in that movie is making a come back today.

1. plaid

Still of Alicia Silverstone and Stacey Dash in Clueless

2. kneehigh socks

3. loafers

4. see through blouses (right)

5. feather collars

6. small backpacks

Not only was the fashion similar to today’s emerging trends but there were also Starbucks cups in multiple scenes of the movie

but my youngest brother pointed out that in the opening scene Cher’s computer is a touch screen!

So I ask, were we clueless, clueless to the marketing strategy of the film? I mean it is clear to me that without films like these, that shaped our adolescence, companies like starbucks and apple would not be as successful as they are. This film is part of the reason our consumer selves exist. I am in no way suggesting that Clueless is the reason for our consumer culture but it certainly has something to do with it. Afterall, Cher and Dionne relieve their stress with shop-therapy.

This of course is but one of the many themes of this movie. Cher’s disinterest in high school boys and her ability to be comfortable by herself, without needing to be in a relationship, changes drastically when a new boy Justin Walker (Christian) arrives at school. He turns out to be gay, but Cher finds herself in love with her older step brother Paul Rudd (Josh). Josh is the intellectual environmentally conscious college guy who sits by the pool with some Nietzche.

This movie is obviously satirical, but to my young adolescent senses it was real life. I knew I would never have the money, looks, or access that these characters had but I aspired to it. I couldn’t see how ridiculous this whole story was and ate it up. I wanted a computer, a cell phone, a jeep, clothes, and a boyfriend because with these things I would be someone important, someone popular… of course now I know that none of those things make you a person let alone happy. Actually most of those things actually hurt people. That is, all those people who are working in terrible conditions to make those products. So maybe we continue to be clueless. But I know that the makers of clueless weren’t. They were extremely smart people, I actually think it’s a sort of social commentary, if not then, definitely now. Clueless is now becoming our present, at least those of us in this so-called “first world”, so what’s in store for the future?

Keep your eyes open in fifteen years we might all be vampires and  werewolves….

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