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“The World Needs Class”

6 Mar

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I recently met up with Ms. Red, the Creative Director of Adela Red, at Café Mustache.  A great little café off the California Blue Line filled with quirky décor.  The atmosphere is laid back and cozy.  So cozy in fact, that our interview turned into a four hour long chat about life.  Here are the Cliff Notes.

*Can you intro yourself?

I’m originally from Wisconsin and moved to Chicago to study fashion design.  In school I got told “no” a lot because my designs didn’t go with the standards.  Telling me no motivates me to prove you wrong.  I learned when to be quiet and work and when to stand up for myself.

*Are you a feminist?

No, I do not consider myself a feminist.  I’m old fashioned and like traditional roles.  I don’t want to be taken care of though; I want to take care of myself.  I believe women have the right to do what they want and my choice is to be more traditional.  I want to make dinner for my family.  My big issue with feminism is that it is the reason chivalry doesn’t exist anymore.

*Is this your full time job?

Yes, as creative director for Adela Red and designer for my clothing lines.   As a creative director I’m in charge of projects such as photo shoots and fashion shows.  Individuals come to me for my vision and ideas.  I oversee production and do casting.  I provide the theme and direct the process and flow.  As a designer I won’t give people just what they want.  I custom make clothing for what works for you.  The customer isn’t always right.  Let me do my job, but I’m not cocky about it.  I’m not talking just to talk.

*What do you do to lift your mood when you’re feeling down?

I change it up.  I do something I didn’t plan.  I quit my job without another one lined up.  Spontaneity.  Thinking about my accomplishments and where I wanna go.  Remembering that I‘m capable and kick ass.

*Where do you find creative inspiration?

By trying everything you realize your style of creativity.  Listening to people’s needs and looking at what worked in the past.  My life is my inspiration.  I use new fabrics with classic cuts.  Audrey Hepburn. Marilyn Monroe.

*Best fashion advice?

Base your whole outfit on the item you most want to wear that day.  It makes it easier to create an outfit because you have a starting point.  People do not pay as much attention as you think they do, stop basing your life on others and base it on what you love.  The way you dress informs people of how you feel.

*What is your favorite quote/s?

I really like Marilyn Monroe.  There are 2 by her.  “Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are” and “Women who want to be equal to men lack ambition”.  Another is “You have enemies?  Good, that means you stood up for something in your life” by Winston Churchill. My own personal favorite saying is “Never forget your roots, or who put you where you are today even if that person is yourself.”

*Any last words of wisdom?

Stop being someone else, be yourself.  Don’t stop caring, don’t stop worrying, don’t stop living.

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