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Free People Dress vs. Vintage Dress

16 Feb

We found this lovely dress for sale by Free People for $128.

And realized it’s very similar to a vintage dress we have for sale for only $20.

Paired with a shrunken, black leather jacket it’s the perfect combination of sweet and tough.

Which do you prefer?


Tempting Relics-Our Vintage Store

10 Feb

We love vintage so much that we started selling on Etsy again. There isn’t much up right now, but we have tons to share!  Vintage clothing can be expensive, but we wanna make it accessible to all.  And it should be fun.

We put together a few Valentine’s inspired outfits that are fun and maybe a little quirky.  After all it’s so much fun to play to play dress up it should be done daily!

high tea at noon

girl meets boy

party’s in the back

Be sure to visit our little store.  Let us know what items you are looking for and we will be sure to find them for you.

How To Be a Grown Up Disney Princess

31 Oct

You dreamed of being a princess when you grew up.  You dreamt of meeting your Prince Charming and having your fairy tale wedding.  Well dreams do come true.  You can be a Disney princess on your wedding day!  Yep that’s right.  I found about these dresses here.

These dresses are beautiful, but creepy at the same time.  I think what is so intriguing about dreaming about being a princess is that it is fantasy, it is not suppose to come true.  If you want to be traditional, JUST LIKE EVERYBODY ELSE, and wear a big white dress on your wedding day here is some inspiration.  I personally would want a dress that no one else has or ever will have.  And I most certainly would not wear white.

Prepare to throw up a little in your mouth:

Sleeping Beauty


Snow White

I hope you have good gag reflexes.  Here’s the video.  Tip-turn off your volume before you play it.

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