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Free People Dress vs. Vintage Dress

16 Feb

We found this lovely dress for sale by Free People for $128.

And realized it’s very similar to a vintage dress we have for sale for only $20.

Paired with a shrunken, black leather jacket it’s the perfect combination of sweet and tough.

Which do you prefer?


I’m Gonna Dress You Up In My Love

15 Feb

We had a dress up party for Valentine’s Day yesterday.  These are the combinations we came up with.  Which one is your favorite?

1950s housewife meets 1980s cowgirl

Barbie rocks out

All about the kitty belt

Wiggle dress

Pocahontas meets the 1960s



Not Your Grandma’s Vintage Lace

6 Feb

My lust for M.I.A’s lace dress in Madonna’s Give Me All Your Luvin’ inspired me to look for a vintage version.  I don’t want to copy her look; I want to interpret my own way and I think vintage is the best way to do that. I prefer vintage because I don’t have to worry about someone else wearing my outfit and I’m helping a fabulous item to be reused instead of tossed out.

Of course, if I’m shopping online Etsy is my go to spot.  I can search by vintage, price, and other descriptive details.  I found all these fabulous dresses by searching for a mini lace vintage dress.  Each dress stands out and is uniquely styled.

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This is my favorite look.  The white dress over the colorful leggings is magical layering.

Vintage Betsey Johnson

Perfectly innocent

This bright orange sleeveless dress complements the tough shoes

Skulls and Lace

Subtly Sexy

Long Sleeves

Three Quarter Length

Short Sleeves

This whole look is amazing

If you are brave, don’t layer and wear sheer.  Very Carrie Bradshaw.

Well Behaved Women Seldom Make History

13 Oct

This is an awesome ID Case, Wallet, Cigarette or Business Card Holder that is handcrafted and being sold on Etsy. You can find this and other great, sassy items here.

*I would highly recommend picking up an ID case for keeping your must have items like debit card, Chicago Card, and ID.  I had my wallet stolen (cut out of my bag at a thrift store!!!), but they didn’t get any of my cards because I keep them in an ID case separate from my wallet.  I would have been screwed having to replace everything.

Pill cases are also available.  Carry your birth control with a little bit of sass.

Or display your attitude with this necklace.  We all have a list or know our “number” 😉

An Interview with the Artiste

*Can you give us a lil intro to yourself and your products/designs?

I am Astrid. I am 26 years old. I have a B.A. in English, a Law Degree, and a M.B.A. I am from a very small town in north-western Minnesota. My family is from very modest means. My father is a janitor at a high school and my mother is a cashier at a grocery store. I started Sweetheartsinner in 2006 as a business to sell necklaces. I started it while I was in law school. I originally tried to buy a handmade DIY necklace on ebay and kept losing it so I decided to try to make some necklace I would like by myself. My first big step was in using a kiln to hand forge my own pendant setting bases. My father was always doing a lot of metal working so I was able to pick it up from him after making a setting mold up. After trying a lot of different combinations of materials in applying actual designs to these settings, I finally came up with a process that worked best. I then took the same process and applied it to similar products like pill cases, cigarette cases, and ID wallets. Sweetheartsinner slowly grew with new designs added every month. We added a line of steampunk items because we love the fashion and style of it. We hand make at least several aspects of all of our products in everything we do. We are one of the truly DIY craft businesses. We keep our prices low because we don’t have too many “middle vendors” in what we make to have to deal with. My husband and I are massive collectors of pop culture.

*What inspired your creations?
For the most part, we make creations we like ourselves. We try to input humor in some, horror in others, retro kitsch, tattoo art, art nouveau, pinup, and basically whatever strikes our fancy. Sweetheartsinner is composed of just two people-wife and husband, and we both are into a lot of things. We are fanatical about popular culture and have immense collections of everything from vintage pulp and paperbacks to spirit photography to pop surrealistic artworks to a vintage poster collection and even more stuff. We own over 60 full sized pinup paintings and have a massive collection of vintage magazines to draw inspiration from. When I was 20, I edited a book called “Sin-A-Rama: The Sex Sleaze Paperbacks of the Sixties” (Feral House, 2004). 70% of the book shows our personal collection. We tend to make items that are whimsical, weird, esoteric, and have some sort of cultural reference because of our own interests. Roller Derby inspires a lot of our work because the Roller Derby ethic is so DIY itself.

*What got you motivated to actually do it?
Money, doing artwork, and trying to do as little work as possible to live. I never went to law school to be a practicing lawyer.

*Would you call yourself a feminist? Is there a word you like better?
Yes. My husband and I are both hardcore feminists. My husband even took on my name (hyphenated using my surname first) when we married. I like the word feminist. One of the things we hate about our own business is our use of the word “Girl” on some of our products. We are very much aware of how language shapes reality and it is against our own beliefs to use the word “girl” to mean woman. I apologize for this publicly. Phrases like “Bad Girl”, which we use on some of our designs, are so commonly used that most people don’t even think about it. I try to use “Gal” whenever I can as my own way of mitigating our crime! In our personal lives, we never say “girl” when referring to women.

*How would you describe a feminist/what constitutes a feminist?
A woman or man concerned with equity for all.

*Why do you think there is so much women hating going on right now?
I agree that a lot of that is going on right now. I wrote this a little while back while I was ranting and a lot of what I wrote can be applied to “woman hating”:

Entitlement is defined as “a right to benefits specified especially by law or contract.” Conservatives, especially lower to middle class white folks, are always rallying against government “entitlement programs.” With their smug expressions, they decry the idea that certain people, by virtue of being poor or belonging to some other socially oppressed group, are given government benefits under certain laws (i.e. such as welfare or affirmative action).
Okay, so the term “entitlement” is accurate under the definition I have given. Certain people are given certain benefits by law. When conservatives use that word, they are trying to evoke specific connotations and feelings that have been associated with the word. They are trying to elicit feelings of disgust—a sort of “how dare they think just because they are X, that they should get X!”
And what I say in retort—
Yes, these are “entitlement programs” under the definition, but where is the outrage at other entitled groups? Where is the outrage at those who have a right to benefits because of the families they were born into? Where is your outrage at those who receive more benefits than any poor or oppressed person could ever dream of simply because they were lucky enough to be born in an economically privileged family? Does it not cause you outrage that these people are given all the tools and resources for success simply because of an accident of birth?
Why don’t you think “how dare INSERT RICH PERSON HERE think that just because they are rich, that they should be given all the tools for success at birth!”
The point isn’t whether you agree or disagree with entitlements. The point is that you must recognize that it isn’t just through the government that entitlement is administered. If you’re going to decry entitlement, at least be consistent. At least decry birthright entitlement too. And please don’t argue that “well, those privileged peoples’ parents worked for it.” Because, the kids of the privileged did not work for it, and the rallying cry against entitlement programs for the oppressed is always “they didn’t work for it.”
And I can tell you why the focus is on “entitlements” of the poor rather than the privileged…it’s internalized oppression. These middle to lower middle class *usually white* folks who decry the rights of those more oppressed than them, well, they see themselves as fighting for the same crumbs at the bottom of the cookie jar. And how dare these “entitled” oppressed groups get any benefit that might give them even a slightly increased ability to get to these same proverbial crumbs. These middle to lower middle class folks are scared. They’re scared of losing a pittance of crumbs.
And that’s what’s sad. The political climate, our society, etc. have pitted a huge portion of the population against one another for a pile of lousy crumbs. Instead of banding together, instead of making it their goal to get an actual cookie instead of a pile of lousy crumbs, these people tense up. They get scared. They split apart. They fight for crumbs.
The same can be said for the internalized oppression between women. It disgusts me in a lot of ways.

*What would you say are the worst things in our culture?
Systematic oppressors, religion, violence, ignorance. Submit, Obey, Belong=Gross.

*The Best Things?
Creativity, freedom of the mind, non-zero sums.

*Wanna share a personal story of the worst and best encounters you’ve had with random people?
A good one was a little girl who was at post office line with her father. We talked about school and I told her I had just finished law school. She told me she wanted to go to law school too. I asked her why. She said she didn’t want to go to law school so she could be a lawyer. She just wanted to go for the knowledge. There are too many bad ones to even want to think about them!

*Do you have a “real” job? If so, what is it?
Sweetheartsinner is right now my “real job”. I am starting a Masters Program in Psychology in one month though so I am basically still a student. My husband and I do intend to use our educations (he also has a law degree and M.B.A.) in implementing a new operating system for the way businesses are structured which aligns businesses to make configurations into non zero sum entities.

*What changes do you think should be made to make our society more equal?
I would love to see free health care and better education for all. Over 72 million children do not even have access to even basic education. I volunteer locally and regularly for RESULTS (www.results.org) which is dedicated to ending poverty around the world.

*Favorite quote/s and/or inspirational?
“Everything was beautiful and nothing hurt.” -Kurt Vonnegut
“They call it the American Dream because you have to be asleep to see it.”
“We tend to ask what’s the worst or best that could happen? Instead, we should be asking, “what’s likely to happen?’”

*What do you do when you feel depressed/knocked down to feel better?
I try be positive.

*Why do you think people try to control others w/laws about marriage and abortion?
Control. Stagnation. Fear. I remember once while bitching to fellow classmates in a law school class about how screwed up the law was, one of my classmates said this to me-which has always struck me since. He simply said this: “It’s not over yet.” And I think back to all the laws that have been overturned which were inequitable and I see where he was coming from. Things will change. Eventually everything will get better. Even from this crappy legal system, this society, etc..

*What do you think are the most sexist things going on in our current culture?
Tucker Max./ Use of the word girl to refer to adult women./ Women helping men oppress other women be internalized oppression.

*Any last words of advice/wisdom?
“Until you believe enough in yourself, nothing is going to change.”

Whale Friendship Bracelets

5 Oct

Since I think most of us would agree we would rather be a whale than a mermaid it reminded me of one of my favorite items on Etsy.  I have had this saved in my favorites for over a year now.  This bracelet is made by Mary Beth Heishman of I Adorn U.  This bracelet is brass and says Best Friends.  One for you and one for your friend.  It is also available in silver and you can have the bracelets customized with your names for no extra charge.


If you don’t wear bracelets she also has necklaces.  My favorite is this silver Amies which is French for friends.


Crystal Bullet Necklace

5 Oct

I think the crystal bullet necklace by Unearthern is gorgeous.  I like the contrast of the hard bullet with the delicate crystal.  However, the price of Unearthern’s necklace is a little outrageous.  Since I am a lover of Etsy I decided to check and see if I could find a similar necklace.  Of course I did and of course the necklaces on Etsy are more affordable.  I also like that purchasing from Etsy I’m supporting an individual and not a large store.  In addition, mymysticgems created the series bullets for peace which donates a portion of sales to a charity.  Check out the Facebook page to learn more http://www.facebook.com/BulletsforPeace.


Let’s Go For A Walk in Logan Square

29 Sep

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Seeing as I have free time now that I am not being overworked by Planned Parenthood I often find myself walking to the post office to mail out my Etsy orders. I’ve recently decided to start taking my camera with me to capture the neighborhoods of Chicago.

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