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Would you like some eggnog and a condom?

19 Dec

Every holiday party should have a bowl of condoms next to the bowl of spiked eggnog. A little known fact is that there is an increase in unplanned pregnancies around the holiday season.  This can be attributed to a combination of people getting cozy indoors due to the colder weather and lots of parties to celebrate the season which leads to lots of merrymaking.  People get drunk and silly and inevitably accidents happen.

A good host is a responsible host and thinks of their guests wellbeing.  A really good host will provide a mix of male and female condoms.  A good guest that plans on doing their merrymaking at the host’s abode always finds a towel to lay down…NO ONE likes to find a surprise wet spot, especially one that isn’t their own.  Be courteous, be merry, and use a condom!

 The holidays are a busy time for abortions.

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