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Thrift Score- Spring Delights

12 Apr

I recently discovered this great thrift store in the suburbs of Chicago.  It’s so great that I’m not ready to share it yet, but maybe one day I’ll tell you which one it is.  It was filled with great vintage goodies.

I’ve been on the look out for a spring coat that has some weight to it since it’s still chilly.  I scored with this vintage find since it’s 100% wool.  It’s from Avoca which is the oldest handweavers mill in Ireland.

They are known for their colorful knits.  Since I love color this jacket is great because it’s a mix of purples and blues.  Check out their online store which is filled with beautiful jewelry, clothing, and of course colorful wool blankets.

I love needlepoint, I collect it.  Just check out my apartment.  Before this dress I didn’t own any wearable needlepoint so I was overjoyed when I found this.  It’s perfect for spring and has just the right amount of kitsch. This dress may even technically be a grandma sweater, but pairing it with my grungy black tights keeps it modern.

Who wouldn’t want a pair of suede fuschia heels?!  I love pops of color in a fancy shoe. I think it’s the perfect way to brighten up an outfit.   These are by Via Spiga and just my size.  They were also less than $1!  My whole thrift score, which also included a pink silk blazer not pictured, was less than $10 with tax!  I love thrifting in Chicago.  Wanna go shopping with me next time?


Laid Back Sunday

1 Apr

Sundays are usually reserved for relaxing and indulging.  I started the day with a rather grueling bike ride, but that’s because I’m so not in shape right now because I didn’t ride in the winter.  I met a friend for brunch at Sola in Lakeview.

I indulged in a wasabi bloody mary.  It was spicy how I like and came with shrimp and pickled asparagus.

I further indulged in sour cream pancakes.  They have blueberries baked in them and lemon ricotta on top.  Delicious.

After brunch I headed to Lincoln Square to visit Eclecticity for stationery paper.  Do you know how hard it is to find stationery in a store?  I need to write a thank you letter and I wanted it to be on pretty paper that captured my personality.  Eclecticity did have some, but none that appealed to me.  Instead I decided on a card and that I would just write the letter on plain white paper and tuck it into the card.

Later while strolling around my neighborhood I found some fabulous Steve Urkel street art.

Come sail away to the land of indulgence with me.

Since it was a little chilly I wore Gap bootcut ankle jeans with a vintage Liz Claiborne sweater.  Paired with vintage navy and white spectator pumps and of course a pair of sunglasses.  A comfy, simple outfit does not need to be frumpy.  Leave your sweatpants at home.

The perfect way to unwind at the end of the day is with an indulgent bath.

Followed up with the latest issue of Bust.

Spring Layers: Motorcycle Jacket + Granny Dress

1 Apr

It’s still spring in Chicago.  Even though the sun may be shining a jacket is often necessary.  Along with really big sunglasses.  I want a pair of vintage oversize sunglasses with really dark lenses.

I want these to be mine!  These fabulous shades are for sale at my favorite online vintage place Etsy.  I really think I want them…

This is an eggplant leather motorcycle jacket with a snake print by Biba a German fashion co.  I found this jacket at a garage sale in West Virginia.

The floral dress is vintage by All That Jazz found at a Salvation Army in West Virginia.  Long dresses aren’t exactly in my comfort zone.  They’re ok, but I usually chop long dresses shorter.  Since this isn’t my favorite dress I’m going to add it to the vintage store because it’s quite lovely.  It flatters the feminine shape by flaring at the hips, but being tight across the waist.  Plus, I enjoyed how the skirt flounced up and down when I walked.  I felt like a kid playing with a toy and my toy was my skirt.

The feminine detailing continues with buttons up the back and cap sleeves.  I call these dresses granny dresses or grandma dresses because they are flowery and long.  They are a common find in thrift stores and a great thrift score.  You can make these dresses into your own by cutting them shorter or pairing them with contrasting pieces like I did with the motorcycle jacket.  I wore vintage nude heels, found at a Village Discount in Chicago, but this dress would look good paired with knee high doc martens to roughen up the look.  If I went that route, I would definitely cut the dress short and wear it with these velvet doc martens.

How do you wear your vintage dresses?  Are you into granny dresses?

What To Wear To A Champagne Tasting (or when you want to feel fancy)

27 Mar

My California adventure included a visit to Napa Valley aka Wine Country.  Instead of doing a wine tasting Vera and I opted for champagne tasting.  We were in a fancy kind of mood.  Dressing fancy has different meanings for me and Vera because we have different styles.

Dresses are a wardrobe staple for me.  I will always choose a dress over a pair of pants because I feel less restricted and that they are more flattering.  I chose to wear a long vintage lace dress in a cobalt blue shade paired with a nude slip under it. I accessorized with white drop pearl earrings and a pair of nude heels.

Vera chose to wear a pair of dark wash jeans.  Yes jeans can be fancy, but a dark wash is key.  She paired her jeans with a tucked in plaid button down.  She accessorized with silver earrings and brown clog heels.

What do you do when you want to feel fancy?

I’m A Vegetarian And I Wear Leather

28 Feb

Watch the video to find out why.

Street Style Across The States

27 Feb

Happy Monday everyone!  We are excited to let you in on a new feature to the blog.  On Mondays we will be sharing street fashion from Chicago, San Francisco, and New York.  Since we are each living in these locations which have very different temperatures and populations we wanted to share how people are expressing their je ne sais quoi.


Name=Charlotte (along with her fashionable friend)

Location=Hyde Park

Fave Item=Vintage coat scored at The Village Discount Outlet (the best thrift stores in Chicago)



Location=Binghamton, NY

Fave Item=All of them.  I can’t choose because I use them all so often and I got them from local thrift stores!

Style=Rhapsody in blue.



Location=San Francisco State University

Fave Item=skirt from Zara

Style=A work in progress.  Almost minimalist while emulating some bad assness.

How To Wear An Animal Print Skirt

25 Feb

While on my Christmas break I purchased a leopard print mini skirt from Goodwill.  I have never owned anything with animal print and was unsure of how to wear it.  While reading the blog Haute Design I came across this picture which renewed my interest in my animal print skirt.


The mixing of patterns was inspiring.  I gathered items from my wardrobe and the inventory from our vintage store.  These looks are my favorite ways to wear an animal print skirt.

Mixing patterns.  This is a silk, vintage Liz Claiborne blouse that buttons up the back.  The  texture and colors of the floral fabric contrast well with the leopard print.  Keep the bottom neutral by pairing with all black.

Elvis goes perfectly with this outfit.  The key to this look is wearing a solid top that picks up on one of the shades in the animal print.  I chose a yellow bodysuit that picked up the colors of the leopard print.  The shoes are also a brown found in the print.  When wearing  a mini keep your top simple and covered to balance the outfit.

This is a dressed down version of mixing patterns.  I wore a vintage denim floral shirt that I tied at the waist and rolled the sleeves up.  It was then paired with brown leggings and brown boots.  Again you want to keep the bottom a more neutral, solid color so it flows together and doesn’t compete with the patterns.

This is a dressed up version for a night out.  I wore a vintage gold top that has some sparkle.  I kept them bottom simple with black tights and high heeled mary janes for the finishing touch.

It started raining which is what caused the spots on the sweater!  Keep it simple on top and a party on the bottom. I wore a vintage, fuzzy Express angora sweater with a black bodysuit underneath.  I added color and texture with a pair of vintage, purple snakeskin heels.

Animal print on animal print.  This is the cute, kitschy version of print on print.  I paired a favorite vintage puppy sweater with the skirt.  The sweater is hand embroidered and has wooden buttons on the shoulders.  It looks adorable with the leopard print skirt and a pair of brown boots.

This is an example of how NOT to wear an animal print skirt.

Do not wear animal print with anything too revealing on top or with high boots.

Unless of course, you are deliberately going for Julia Roberts’ look in Pretty Woman.

What do you think?  Do you have any favorites or combinations you really don’t like?  Have you been inspired to wear animal print?

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