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I Couldn’t Live Without Fashion

9 Feb

~Coco Chanel~

I like to read books about her life story hoping I’ll be inspired or motivated.  She contributed much to the fashion world.  The classic tweed jacket, the quilted bag, but it is she who started the little black dress phenomenon.  This is the woman to give thanks to.  She got fashion.  I mean really got it, like in the quote.  Fashion isn’t frivolous, it is creative.  Fashion is an expression not just in clothes, but in your attitude.  Fashion is the fun, giggly side of life and I’d rather have laugh lines than frown lines.


I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends

8 Feb


~Muhammad Ali~

February is African-American History Month and we haven’t even touched on the subject.  In fact, I haven’t seen much about in anywhere except in a store window for school teachers.  I very much admire Muhammad Ali because he is a person that stands up for what he believes in.  He believes that everyone should be treated equally and with humanity.  I was impressed by his refusal to be drafted for the Vietnam War.  He refused because he believes in peace and is a conscientious objector.  He basically told the draft and the U.S. military to shove it by saying “No, I am not going 10,000 miles to help murder kill and burn other people to simply help continue the domination of white slavemasters over dark people the world over. This is the day and age when such evil injustice must come to an end.


What Do You Believe In?

6 Feb

~Frank Lloyd Wright~

Ok, so I hope you know that believing that you can fly won’t make you able to fly.  However, if you believe you can be a fashion designer that is achievable.  Believing is a form of visualization, it’s imagination and creativity. Mix all that with action and you’ll make it happen.


Life & Football

5 Feb

~Brett Favre~

In “honor” of Super Bowl Sunday I found a quote from the great quarterback Brett Favre.  I’m surprised the U.S. hasn’t made this day a national holiday yet.  I’ve never been particularly fond of football even when I had a particular fondness for offensive line football players.  However, I think Favre really has the right idea about life.  He’s saying why worry, there isn’t any need to worry.  Honestly worrying is a waste of time.  If you have to do it commit to only 15 minutes max and then get busy fixing what ever has you worrying.  Be productive.  Find solutions.  Or just let it go.



I’m Not Settling

4 Feb

~Carrie Bradshaw~

This is my favorite quote from Sex and The City.  I can honestly say I live by this.  I refuse to settle…on anything.   First, you must identify what it is that you want in life.  Once you do that you must wholeheartedly go after it.  Remember, there is a difference between compromising and settling.  To settle isn’t to compromise.  To settle is to accept something that you don’t even want.  To settle is a refusal to grow or change.  To settle is to lack creativity.   Never settle.



If Only I Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda

3 Feb

~Shel Silverstein~

Shel Silverstein was an amazing writer.  He wrote “for” children, but really his writing is for people of all ages.  His writings urged people to think of the other person’s perspective and to be open minded.  This quote always reminds me to put my thoughts into actions and get moving because never do I want to be saying I woulda-coulda-shoulda.

Dance Magic Dance. Lessons We Can Learn From Labyrinth.

19 Dec

If you aren’t familiar with the movie Labyrinth with David Bowie and Jennifer Connelly you must get your hands on it immediately and watch it.  If you are familiar with the movie there’s a good chance it was a childhood favorite that has hopefully grown with you and you can still appreciate it.  It is still a favorite of mine.  My siblings and I would watch it all the time, sometimes we would fast forward to the song David Bowie sings Dance Magic Dance.  It is one of the tapes I took with me to college, for me it was a must have.  I recently watched the VHS that I’ve had since it came out in on video in 1987 which still plays wonderfully.

Wisdom From Labyrinth:

  • “Things aren’t always what they seem.  Don’t take anything for granted.”  This is one of the first things Sarah learns about the Labyrinth.  It’s a reminder to think outside the box and to think of alternatives instead of going off what we always do.
  • Life is not fair.  Sarah often exclaims “That’s not fair!”  To which Jareth(David Bowie) replies,”You say that so often I wonder what your basis for comparison is.”  Now that is profound.  What are most of us comparing fairness in life to?
  • A perfect example of a frenemy relationship is Sarah’s and Hoggle’s.  Hoggle helps Sarah, but often in exchange for something.  Hoggle runs away when things start to get a little rough, but when he returns Sarah takes him back as a friend even though she can’t trust him.  What we discover is that Hoggle, like many people, is a coward and that is why he acts the way he does.
  • The garbage lady is a scary reminder to not be a hoarder physically or emotionally.  Do not hold onto the past, most of it is junk.  Let things go.
  • Leggings are not to be worn as pants a la David Bowie in this movie.
  • “YOU HAVE NO POWER OVER ME.” This is a line from the book Labyrinth that Sarah struggles to remember.  She says it to break the spell that has been put over her by the goblin king.  Remember this and it instantly brings you back to reality and you should realize that it’s all bullshit.
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