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Spring Layers: Motorcycle Jacket + Granny Dress

1 Apr

It’s still spring in Chicago.  Even though the sun may be shining a jacket is often necessary.  Along with really big sunglasses.  I want a pair of vintage oversize sunglasses with really dark lenses.

I want these to be mine!  These fabulous shades are for sale at my favorite online vintage place Etsy.  I really think I want them…

This is an eggplant leather motorcycle jacket with a snake print by Biba a German fashion co.  I found this jacket at a garage sale in West Virginia.

The floral dress is vintage by All That Jazz found at a Salvation Army in West Virginia.  Long dresses aren’t exactly in my comfort zone.  They’re ok, but I usually chop long dresses shorter.  Since this isn’t my favorite dress I’m going to add it to the vintage store because it’s quite lovely.  It flatters the feminine shape by flaring at the hips, but being tight across the waist.  Plus, I enjoyed how the skirt flounced up and down when I walked.  I felt like a kid playing with a toy and my toy was my skirt.

The feminine detailing continues with buttons up the back and cap sleeves.  I call these dresses granny dresses or grandma dresses because they are flowery and long.  They are a common find in thrift stores and a great thrift score.  You can make these dresses into your own by cutting them shorter or pairing them with contrasting pieces like I did with the motorcycle jacket.  I wore vintage nude heels, found at a Village Discount in Chicago, but this dress would look good paired with knee high doc martens to roughen up the look.  If I went that route, I would definitely cut the dress short and wear it with these velvet doc martens.

How do you wear your vintage dresses?  Are you into granny dresses?


I’m A Vegetarian And I Wear Leather

28 Feb

Watch the video to find out why.

The Covet List-Prada Bag

22 Feb

Ok, let’s be honest.  There are designer items that we love, we dream we could have.  These are the things we covet.  Right now, I covet a Prada bag.

I was reading the February issue of Marie Claire I in an article about Ladylike Bags there was the most amazing Prada bag.  It was light blue and had dark blue crystal stones.  Gorgeous.  I decided I had to visit the Prada site to see more pics of this bag.  Sadly it wasn’t there, but the Spring 2012 Prada print campaign has beautiful shots.  Here are my favorites.  The current playlist for our Prada shopping is The Kink Kronikles.

Start the playlist!

Whatever you do, do not get these shoes.  They are hideous.  You know when some designers try to do new things and sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t work.

And sometimes a new thing works like these!

I also suggest you check out the men’s ad campaign cause there’s this guy, Michael Pitt.  I’ve only seen him in Murder by Numbers and Funny Games where he was a creep.

He looks really good in this one.  I think people in general look so much better when half their face is covered.

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