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My California Travels

27 Mar

Adventure was missing from my life.  I’ve never been west of Illinois; that just sounds too sad and depressing.  I may have never ventured west of Illinois, but I have traveled to Europe.

So my desire for adventure led me to California.  Partly because it’s sunny and beachy, partly because Vera lives there and I hadn’t spent any quality time with her.  Unfortunately the trip started off miserably.  I was catching an evening flight from O’hare and it was delayed by 2 hours which might not seem like much, but I would now be arriving in San Francisco around 1 in the morning which is 3 in the morning Chicago time.  Fortunately that is my only complaint.

California definitely charmed me.  I am even dreaming of moving there.  It’s warm, sunny, and laid back; all the things I desire.  However, I need a plan first and Chicago is about to enter into it’s best season of the year so I can wait.  If ever I have a wistful longing for California I can always look at these pics.  Or visit Vera.

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It Feels Like Spring In Chicago

15 Mar

As soon as it warms up and the sun is shining I spend as much time outside as possible.  This past weekend it was in the 60s and sunny which meant lots of bike rides and adventures in the city.  For an urban area Chicago has a lot of green space.  There are many hidden little parks in the city.  One of my favorite places to visit when the weather is nice is Montrose Beach.  It is a quiet beach that also has a restaurant and harbor.  You can  walk along the water either in the sand or on the walk way.  There is a protected area for birds & butterflies that you can walk through.  Even though it feels like Spring it is still officially Winter and most of the plants and trees haven’t started blooming.  However, I think beauty can be found in the sparseness and barrenness of winter.

Of course, the day isn’t over without more bike rides and a visit to Artemio’s Panaderia to pick up baked goodies to enjoy at the park.

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Honor Roll

3 Mar

Hello darlings!  This is a compilation of all our current favorite things.  Enjoy!

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Shamrock Shake Cupcakes…yes please!



Let’s Go For A Walk in Logan Square

29 Sep

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Seeing as I have free time now that I am not being overworked by Planned Parenthood I often find myself walking to the post office to mail out my Etsy orders. I’ve recently decided to start taking my camera with me to capture the neighborhoods of Chicago.

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