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Thrift Score-Vintage Sunglasses

2 May

Just in time for the sunny season I scored two pairs of vintage sunglasses.  I found these lovelies at a church rummage sale this past weekend.  I stumbled upon the black cat eye sunglasses first.  They were on a table buried under a pile of clothes.  They are vintage Cool Ray by Polaroid sunglasses.  I first noticed Polaroid sunglasses on Etsy while searching for vintage sunglasses.  I was thrilled when I found them at the rummage sale since I could actually try them on to see if I actually liked them on me.  I found the oversize vintage 70s sunglasses near the check out along with the jewelry. I have anointed these my absolute favorite pair of sunglasses.   When I can conceal half my face with sunglasses I’m a happy person.  Did I mention that each pair was only $2?  Yep, I scored both pairs for only $4.  The joys of vintage thrifting!  What’s your fave thrift find?


Let’s Go Out And Play

26 Apr

Ever since I was a little girl I have loved playgrounds.  The monkey bars and tire swing are personal favorites that I still enjoy.  It’s important for me to embrace my inner child and remember that life shouldn’t be taken that seriously.  Making time to play is mandatory not optional.

The dinosaur sweater is my favorite part of this outfit.  The sweater actually belonged to my baby brother.  I discovered it a few years ago when I was helping my mom sort through boxes because she was moving.  When I came across the dinosaur sweater I thought it was so cute I just had to keep it for myself.  The dress is a pale yellow with white embroidery I found at a Chicago thrift store.  The satin mary janes were also a thrift score.  This is outfit is proof that you can wear black and yellow together and not look like a bumblebee.

A dress and heels have never stopped me from playing on the playground.  Even as a child I was never concerned with not getting dirty or the fear of other people seeing my underwear.  If I want to play, a dress isn’t gonna hold me back.

The next time you feel worried or stressed I urge you to go to a park and swing.  Once you sit on a swing and start flying through the air it’s impossible to not give in to the moment.

Spring Layers: Motorcycle Jacket + Granny Dress

1 Apr

It’s still spring in Chicago.  Even though the sun may be shining a jacket is often necessary.  Along with really big sunglasses.  I want a pair of vintage oversize sunglasses with really dark lenses.

I want these to be mine!  These fabulous shades are for sale at my favorite online vintage place Etsy.  I really think I want them…

This is an eggplant leather motorcycle jacket with a snake print by Biba a German fashion co.  I found this jacket at a garage sale in West Virginia.

The floral dress is vintage by All That Jazz found at a Salvation Army in West Virginia.  Long dresses aren’t exactly in my comfort zone.  They’re ok, but I usually chop long dresses shorter.  Since this isn’t my favorite dress I’m going to add it to the vintage store because it’s quite lovely.  It flatters the feminine shape by flaring at the hips, but being tight across the waist.  Plus, I enjoyed how the skirt flounced up and down when I walked.  I felt like a kid playing with a toy and my toy was my skirt.

The feminine detailing continues with buttons up the back and cap sleeves.  I call these dresses granny dresses or grandma dresses because they are flowery and long.  They are a common find in thrift stores and a great thrift score.  You can make these dresses into your own by cutting them shorter or pairing them with contrasting pieces like I did with the motorcycle jacket.  I wore vintage nude heels, found at a Village Discount in Chicago, but this dress would look good paired with knee high doc martens to roughen up the look.  If I went that route, I would definitely cut the dress short and wear it with these velvet doc martens.

How do you wear your vintage dresses?  Are you into granny dresses?

Kitschy, Kitschy Needlepoint

9 Mar

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I am currently in a vintage craft phase and the more kitschy it is the more I love it.  I in particular really like needlepoint work.  What I like is that handmade touch and that no one else has it.  It also reminds me of my grandma’s house where there was a Raggedy Ann and Andy needlepoint pillow my mom had made in college.  And of course there was needlepoint art hung on the walls.

I collect my vintage crafts from thrift stores.  All my needlepoint items I found in Chicago.  The midwest is great place to find homemade, kitschy items.  Etsy also has lots of cute needlepoint works.  Now I was always aware that needlepoint is done by hand, my grandma had taught me how to do cross stitch needlepoint.  It just never occurred to me that I could make a needlepoint work of my own!  Honestly though, I prefer the already made vintage version.  If you like vintage crafts you should check out Cathy Of California’s blog.  It’s where I discovered Erica Wilson who was the queen of needlepoint work in the 1970s.  She was lucky enough to have a PBS show to share with people the joys of needlework.  It’s so simple, yet so fascinating to watch.

You must check out her boots!!  She made a pair of needlepoint boots…who does that?!



Street Style Across The States

5 Mar


Name= Orie

Location= Lakeview

Fave Item= Shirt which is vintage Marlboro

Style= Unique


Name= Remii

Location= Williamsburg

Fave Item= Shoes

Style= Badass


Name= Jenese

Location= San Francisco State University

Fave Item= Earrings, self-made out of fliers

Style= Not a certain style, attracted to Indie Afro Bohemian Chic

I’m A Vegetarian And I Wear Leather

28 Feb

Watch the video to find out why.

Street Style Across The States

27 Feb

Happy Monday everyone!  We are excited to let you in on a new feature to the blog.  On Mondays we will be sharing street fashion from Chicago, San Francisco, and New York.  Since we are each living in these locations which have very different temperatures and populations we wanted to share how people are expressing their je ne sais quoi.


Name=Charlotte (along with her fashionable friend)

Location=Hyde Park

Fave Item=Vintage coat scored at The Village Discount Outlet (the best thrift stores in Chicago)



Location=Binghamton, NY

Fave Item=All of them.  I can’t choose because I use them all so often and I got them from local thrift stores!

Style=Rhapsody in blue.



Location=San Francisco State University

Fave Item=skirt from Zara

Style=A work in progress.  Almost minimalist while emulating some bad assness.

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