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Knuckle Sandwich

5 Feb

I’m not exactly a ring lover/wearer.  I wash my hands too much and it just gets so annoying with rings. I admire them at times, but I rarely wear them. In fact, I own only 1 ring.  It was a birthday present from my mother for my 16th birthday.  I picked it out for myself off of the QVC channel.  I think I actually called up and ordered it for myself.  Typical for my mother-“ok, here’s my credit card” which means do it for yourself, and while you’re at it will you order something for me and your sisters?-uh sure, no problem?  You’re giving me your credit card and paying for the things I want. Of course I will most definitely order you what you want.

My one ring is a sterling silver sapphire and opal ring-opal is my birthstone. It’s supposedly bad luck for people who wear it if it’s not their birthstone.  That superstition always flashes across my mind when I ask someone wearing an opal if it’s their birthstone and they say no, haha.  I like sapphire because blue is my favorite color, I love the deep, dark shade .  Once I started wearing it one of my classmates commented on how she liked it and then asked if it was an emerald.  I almost had a snob-like reaction about her not knowing what kind of stone it was.  I calmed myself with the logic that she was paying a compliment and was in need of some education about precious stones.  I guess her mom didn’t watch as many shopping channels as mine did.

*Also, when I wear this ring I like to wear it on my pointer finger, like a pimp.

However, while perusing the site Shop Design Spark I came across a rose knuckle ring.

I love things that are contrasts put together.  The toughness of a knuckle ring with the added feminine touch of roses, it’s a glorious combination.  I then wanted to see what creative and inspired knuckle rings Etsy had to offer.  If anyone wanted to gift me with one of these rings I would not refuse.  I would go into a ring wearing phase that would last until I injured myself in some way due to or even by the ring itself.

Here are my favorites from Etsy:

If I had to choose a favorite this would be it.

Golden Gate Bridge 

If you like skulls

Rastafarian, but it reminds me of a traffic light


Cobalt blue druzy 


I want to ride my bicycle

Quick is how I like my drugs

I do not like mustaches

Love Bomb

Carved Skull

Barbie’s gonna knock you out

Thank goodness Jesus isn’t on the cross

If only I had this in college.  Then maybe I wouldn’t have gotten stoned, drunk, or both followed by stuffing my face and passing out.  Which resulted in about 8 cavities.

Owls on a branch

Grown up candy ring, you can eat this

If you are feeling motivated or inspired and want to make your own candy ring Martha Stewart has ya covered.  If you make some rings let me know how it goes.  I’m gonna sit this one out since you know I don’t really wear rings anyway.

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