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How To Make Leather Fringe Earrings

17 Apr

I’ve been wanting a unique pair of hoop earrings for a while now.  I’ve also been lusting for a pair of leather earrings.  I decided to create a pair myself combining the two.  I was able to do it without having to purchase anything new and using supplies I had on hand.

Hello Kitty as a pincushion.

Your only 2 required materials are leather/suede and a pair of hoops earrings.  Since I collect leather skirts and bottoms I had left over baby blue suede material from a pair of pants I turned into shorts.  I received the hoop earrings from a friend who was spring cleaning her closet.  The only tools you will need are a sewing needle, scissors, and manicure scissors.

First cut up the leather into strips. Don’t cut the leather too thin.  Remember it has to be able to fit on the hoop.

I prefer the unfinished, rough side of the leather on the left.  This is the side I chose to have facing out.

Next you are going to create a hole in the leather strip with a sewing needle.  Start the hole a little bit down from the top and pull the needle all the way through.

I then used the manicure scissors to slightly widen the hole.  This all depends on the width of your hoops, adjust the size of the hole accordingly.

Then slide your leather fringe strip onto the earring hoop.

I added 12 strips of leather to each earring.  You can add more or less.  I think it would look great to do the whole hoop in leather fringe.  Or mixing in different colors.

Super simple and took less than a hour from start to finish.

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