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Street Style Across The States

27 Feb

Happy Monday everyone!  We are excited to let you in on a new feature to the blog.  On Mondays we will be sharing street fashion from Chicago, San Francisco, and New York.  Since we are each living in these locations which have very different temperatures and populations we wanted to share how people are expressing their je ne sais quoi.


Name=Charlotte (along with her fashionable friend)

Location=Hyde Park

Fave Item=Vintage coat scored at The Village Discount Outlet (the best thrift stores in Chicago)



Location=Binghamton, NY

Fave Item=All of them.  I can’t choose because I use them all so often and I got them from local thrift stores!

Style=Rhapsody in blue.



Location=San Francisco State University

Fave Item=skirt from Zara

Style=A work in progress.  Almost minimalist while emulating some bad assness.


How To Wear An Animal Print Skirt

25 Feb

While on my Christmas break I purchased a leopard print mini skirt from Goodwill.  I have never owned anything with animal print and was unsure of how to wear it.  While reading the blog Haute Design I came across this picture which renewed my interest in my animal print skirt.


The mixing of patterns was inspiring.  I gathered items from my wardrobe and the inventory from our vintage store.  These looks are my favorite ways to wear an animal print skirt.

Mixing patterns.  This is a silk, vintage Liz Claiborne blouse that buttons up the back.  The  texture and colors of the floral fabric contrast well with the leopard print.  Keep the bottom neutral by pairing with all black.

Elvis goes perfectly with this outfit.  The key to this look is wearing a solid top that picks up on one of the shades in the animal print.  I chose a yellow bodysuit that picked up the colors of the leopard print.  The shoes are also a brown found in the print.  When wearing  a mini keep your top simple and covered to balance the outfit.

This is a dressed down version of mixing patterns.  I wore a vintage denim floral shirt that I tied at the waist and rolled the sleeves up.  It was then paired with brown leggings and brown boots.  Again you want to keep the bottom a more neutral, solid color so it flows together and doesn’t compete with the patterns.

This is a dressed up version for a night out.  I wore a vintage gold top that has some sparkle.  I kept them bottom simple with black tights and high heeled mary janes for the finishing touch.

It started raining which is what caused the spots on the sweater!  Keep it simple on top and a party on the bottom. I wore a vintage, fuzzy Express angora sweater with a black bodysuit underneath.  I added color and texture with a pair of vintage, purple snakeskin heels.

Animal print on animal print.  This is the cute, kitschy version of print on print.  I paired a favorite vintage puppy sweater with the skirt.  The sweater is hand embroidered and has wooden buttons on the shoulders.  It looks adorable with the leopard print skirt and a pair of brown boots.

This is an example of how NOT to wear an animal print skirt.

Do not wear animal print with anything too revealing on top or with high boots.

Unless of course, you are deliberately going for Julia Roberts’ look in Pretty Woman.

What do you think?  Do you have any favorites or combinations you really don’t like?  Have you been inspired to wear animal print?


6 Ways To Wear A Vintage Red Leather Skirt

20 Feb

Skirts are one of my favorite things to wear.  In particular, leather skirts.  I collect them.  Seriously.  I have every color except yellow.  I need a yellow leather skirt!  Somehow I ended up with 2 red leather skirts.  The only difference being one of them has zippers up the sides.  It’s a really great skirt, but I think the other one fits me better.  So, I’m going to be parting with this one and putting it up for sale in the Etsy store.  I decided as a little send off to this darling skirt I would style it in 6 totally different ways.  What do you think of the outfits?  Do you have a favorite?  Do you have other outfit combination ideas?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.





black velvet

city cowgirl

The neighbor’s dog was watching our little fashion show.

And this song got stuck in my head.  Black velvet with that little boy smile black velvet with that slow southern style.

If you like these looks and wanna see more pics you can check them out in our vintage store!  Or email us at fashionfoodfeminsm@gmail.com


I’m Gonna Dress You Up In My Love

15 Feb

We had a dress up party for Valentine’s Day yesterday.  These are the combinations we came up with.  Which one is your favorite?

1950s housewife meets 1980s cowgirl

Barbie rocks out

All about the kitty belt

Wiggle dress

Pocahontas meets the 1960s


Vintage Finds at Seek

4 Oct

Seek Vintage is a cute boutique on Chicago Avenue.  It’s cozy and not overwhelming.  Carefully curated with vintage gems. I like to think about my purchases so I walked away empty handed.  I absolutely adored and definitely would not have had to think about buying the sailor shoes, but they were too small for me!  They were a 7.5 and I usually wear a 9.  My feet are ginormous compared to the rest of me.  It was a sad day indeed. Here are some interesting items to check out.

Hi, it’s nice to meet you

28 Sep

We are 3 friends who met in Chicago.  We come from different backgrounds, but our common link is we are not afraid of the dreaded “F-word” feminist and gladly identify as such.  We feel that feminists shouldn’t be stereotyped or pitted against one another or that if you are a feminist that you can’t enjoy getting a mani-pedi while sipping on champagne.  We are starting this blog because we are now in three different locations.  Maria is in a small, college town in upstate New York. Phaydra remains in Chicago.  Vera is in Oakland, California.  We want to remain connected to each other and share what it is to be a feminist.  Yes, feminists do like fashion and food and even enjoy watching  Sex and the City (of course not without critique).

  • Vera

When Vera isn’t in school she is battling the wonders of children and wishing she were at home cooking, talking to her best friends about present day feminism and enjoying all the greatness that the Bay Area has to offer.

  • Phaydra

Is currently having a life crisis.  She quit her job at Planned Parenthood and is now trying to figure out what to do with her life.  This includes much volunteering, interning, and surfing the internet, but no actual paid work boo hoo.  She blames her parents for her indecisiveness since her mother is a Democrat and her father is a Republican.  Or maybe it comes from being a Libra.  She hates theories and academic writing which is what caused her to change her former career path of being a life-long student.  For now she is content to sell vintage clothes on Etsy and explore Chicago.

  • maria

About a year ago I had a dream, I don’t remember its specifics but immediately when I woke up I called my grandmother. I had to tell her about it. In the dream there was a woman who looked at me and told me ” you do it with what’s within you.” I don’t remember what I wanted or need to do but this phrase struck me, so much so that I wrote it down in one of my notebooks. When I told my grandmother about the dream and what this woman had said, she said to me,”Dios siempre esta contigo, dentro de ti. No tienes que ir a buscarlo” this was her interpretation of the dream. She explained that God is always with me and inside me. I don’t need to go find God. I was struck by her response. I am not a religious person but I do believe in the spiritual connection between everyone, for better or worse. And although I can be really critical of organized religion and haven’t participated in along time, I think my grandmother confirmed for me that when I feel weak, like I can’t go on, sad, lost I can always count on those spirits that are around me to guide me through difficult times. If I am able to listen…This understanding of the world has been facilitated by various feminists, Starhawk, hooks, Lugones, Lorde, my mom, and grandmother among many more; through their writing and insight these immaterial connections would make no sense, they would get lost in the violence of dominant Western thought, capitalism, patriarchy, sexism, racism in short all of the dominant organizing principles of reality. What they have done is given
me the ability to articulate other  real organizing principles of reality. This ability has become imperative because as a Ph.D. student in a small town; a very small, economically and spiritually depressed town finding strength to make a life here that is fulfilling is difficult but I look to “what’s in me” to guide me. I have a lot of help, from friends,family, food, music, books and the spirits in all things around me. This is a practical way of life. Fashion, Food and Feminism are part of my survival tactics, not just in the midst of academia and small town living but always. My contribution here is to share these strategies in the hopes that they help strengthen everyone’s ability to live and “do ‘it’ (whatever it may be) with what is within in you.”

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