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Ladies, What You Need To Know About Vaginal Ultrasounds And Abortion

24 May

So there’s a hot debate going on about vaginal ultrasounds being mandated by the government for any woman seeking an abortion.  Here’s the thing that no one has bothered to tell you: vaginal ultrasounds are a routine part of the abortion procedure.  Yes, this type of ultrasound is performed at most abortion clinics already.  It’s just that Republican politicians are trying to be even bigger jerks by making it seem like they are forcing you to get a “medically unneccessary procedure”.

In reality, an ultrasound before an abortion is a medically necessary procedure.  The doctor needs to have the most accurate reading of how far along the pregnancy is.  And most doctors get this reading with a vaginal ultrasound.  This is standard practice at Planned Parenthood of Illinois.  All medication and surgical abortion patients will receive a vaginal ultrasound before their abortion procedure.  The pregnancy has to be visible on the ultrasound machine for an abortion to be performed.

Here’s another thing no one has bothered to tell you: ultrasounds are really just guesstimates and approximations on how far along the pregnancy is.  They cannot 100% determine how pregnant a woman actually is.

And one more thing you should know.  If you choose to do a medication abortion you are required to return for a follow up appointment where another vaginal ultrasound will be performed to make sure the pregnancy has passed.  This is the most accurate way to determine that.

I want to share this excerpt from lifenews.com, yes those pro-life people that would call me a pro-abortionist(?).  What they have to say here is valid and I always admire intelligence:

“Yet, while abortion backers say having an ultrasound is like getting raped, a 2003 study shows 99% of Planned Parenthood abortion facilities do them beforehand.

Published in the medical journal Contraception in 2003, researchers with the pro-abortion group IPAS, the University of North Carolina, a consortium of Planned Parenthood clinics and the National Abortion Federation surveyed staff at 113 Planned Parenthood affiliates and independent abortion businesses between February and April 2000.

The study specifically concerned the use of the dangerous abortion drug RU 486 (mifepristone) and the survey indicated the drug could be given to women at Planned Parenthood centers and abortion clinics because of vaginal ultrasounds.

Surveying 72 of the abortion businesses that sold the abortion pill to women, the researchers found abortion facilities frequently use vaginal ultrasounds before an abortion to determine the gestational age of the baby or afterwards to determine if the abortion was complete. In fact 99 percent of the abortion facilities surveyed always or sometimes performed an ultrasound in association with the surgical abortion — while just one percent did not.”

So the real question is what are they trying to take our attention away from?  The government is trying to pass a law on a medical procedure that almost all doctors already follow…

What Can You Do To Support Women? Save The Date April 28

24 Apr

Women across the nation are starting to wake up and upon waking up their first exclamation is WTF?!  What is going on in this country?  Why is everybody obsessing over women’s bodies and trying to dictate what women can and cannot do with their own bodies?  Why shouldn’t birth control be covered by insurance?  Why are women still being paid less than men?  Have we entered some strange women hating Twilight Zone?

Since many women were feeling this way, but unsure of what to do, 2 women took it upon themselves to start the rallying cry.  They created UniteWomen.Org  with the intention of uniting women nationwide.  The motivation is for equality amongst women and men.  Along with defending women from attacks on their reproductive health rights.

I come from a generation that has always had access to birth control and access to a safe abortion if needed.  Never did any of us think that this could possibly be taken away from us.  Other women had fought hard for my generation to have this access, to have autonomy of our bodies.

Maybe it was too naive to think these battles had been won.  To actually think that we as women have control over our own bodies.  To think that we could make decisions about our bodies without government intrusion.  To think that we were coming closer to being seen as equals.  Apparently we were being naive in our thinking.  Now the battles are starting again and it’s time to start fighting back.

Enough is Enough!  Women and men are tired of this ****!   Unite Women has organized marches and/or rallies to occur across the nation on April 28.  Almost every state will have an event.  You can check for your state’s event here.  I will be attending and volunteering at the Chicago event.

More information can be found here.  Sign up and come help to.  Be involved in your community.  Be a part of a change.  Let’s start supporting each other and refuse to be divided.

Remember, we aren’t little girls who need to be told what to do.  And not only is name calling not nice, it’s whole point is to put you down and make you afraid.  Don’t let anyone silence your voice.

Vintage Fashion Inspiration & Feminist Icon- Gloria Steinem

10 Apr

If you know who Gloria Steinem is you probably associate her with the feminist movement and not with fashion.  However, she has always been one well dressed lady.  I like her style because it is simple yet flattering.  She dresses in form-fitting shirts  paired with a skirt or jeans.  Her signature look is a straight center part with her hair hanging around her face her eyes framed with large glasses.  As flattering as this look is on her, the reason it was created by her is because she felt she had fat cheeks and this was her way of hiding them.  We can all identify with insecurities, even if we are strong women.

*all images found via a google image search

My interest in Gloria was renewed recently after watching the HBO documentary Gloria: In Her Own Words.

I cannot stress how important I think it is to watch this film.  History repeats itself if the current generation does not educate itself.  I fear this may happen with women’s rights.  The reproductive and abortion rights that were fought for so hard in the 1960s and into the 1970s, are in present day in jeopardy and under constant attack.  How can we be moving backwards as a society on equal rights issues?

What surprised me most were the vintage clips of men very vehemently not wanting women in their work place.  These men were angry and they didn’t think women were smart enough to do the jobs they were doing.  Does this seem like a recurrent theme?  Why are women still having to fight to get equal pay for the same job?

The hardest thing to watch was a Larry King clip from 1990.  Gloria was being interviewed by Larry and a woman called into the show.  What initially seemed like a woman calling in to thank Gloria turned into a slap in the face.  The caller “thanked” Gloria for causing the collapse of the traditional family structure of America and ended by telling her to rot in hell.  Devastating, but I think it should be pointed out that for every woman who felt liberated by the women’s movement there were and are women who think it was the worst thing to ever happen.  There were and are women who are happy to be homemakers, and did and do not want to be told that they should want more or that they need to work outside of the home.  Change makes life more challenging, more unpredictable and people like to feel secure.  Women should not be judging and fighting with one another about this.  Women should be supporting one another’s freedom to choose to stay at home or to have a career.

Watching this film for me was such an inspiration.  After I felt like I wasn’t doing enough in my life.  Oh motivation, the things you do to me.  I’ve been motivated into being an organizer for Chicago’s Slut Walk because it is important to me that women have autonomy over their bodies and be allowed to embrace their femininity instead of being accused of being sluts.

As great as a quote that is, it was not used in its entirety.  The last lines are “That’s their natural and first weapon.  She will need her sisterhood.”  I dream of a sisterhood consisting of women and men-the one’s that get it- supporting and nurturing each other, working towards an equal, kind world.

“Without leaps of imagination or dreaming, we lose the excitement of possibilities. Dreaming, after all is a form of planning.” ~Gloria Steinem

Why I’m Pro-Choice, and Why Other Men Should Be Too

5 Apr

We think it’s important that everyone be included in the conversation about reproductive health and abortion.  Even men.  Men should not be left out of the discussion and it’s important that they be allies, not enemies.  That’s why you should check out Pro-Feminist Bro.  He gets why it’s important for women to be able to decide what to do with their bodies.  Here is what he has to say:

Like many issues within feminism, people tend to view reproductive justice as a “women’s issue.” And while it certainly is, as every woman deserves to choose when to start a family (if at all) it is also imperative that pro-feminist men understand that restricting a woman’s access to reproductive choice – thereby limiting her own personal autonomy – is a form of violence. Presidential candidates (and white men) Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum have regularly stated their desire to close Planned Parenthood, an organization which primarily provides cervical and breast cancer screenings as well as access to safer sex materials such as condoms and birth control. Though I have issues with Planned Parenthood and its founder Margaret Sanger (most notably her support of eugenics), the services that PP – and other legitimate women’s health clinics – provides are essential not only to a woman’s physical health, but her sexual and reproductive freedom. Legislation that states an embryo is more important than a living woman, who would have to carry that embryo to term, is absurd regardless of where you think conception begins. In fact, the whole “life begins at conception” argument is a distraction from the real issue – that a living, breathing woman has to carry that child to term and afterwards take care of it, while the government wants to limit social services and not give what they believe to be “handouts.” As much as it claims to love children, patriarchy does not do a very good job of taking care of them. And, as evidenced by the recent Planned Parenthood bombing in Wisconsin, as well as the murder of Dr. George Tiller, those who are “pro-life” do not care much for the lives of women and girls.
So, why should men care about women’s reproductive freedom? Essentially, it is sexist to tell a woman what she should do with her body. Organizations like theChicago Abortion Fund need to exist so that in the face of sexist, classist, and racist legislation all women can exercise their right to bodily autonomy. CAF states:

The Chicago Abortion Fund (CAF) fights to overturn economic barriers to reproductive choice. Through direct service and education/advocacy, CAF assists low-income women in obtaining safe abortion services by providing clinic referrals, negotiated discounts and financial assistance. While we are unable to directly assist all the women in need, we work to extend choice to all low-income women by making the issue of economic access a priority on the agenda of policy makers.

These reasons are why I am participating in the National Network of Abortion Fund’s annual Bowl-A-Thon. Every bit donated helps underserved women in Chicago exercise their reproductive freedom. In times where a Presidential candidate says he wants to get rid of organizations like Planned Parenthood, we need to take a stand for choice. We need to take a stand for women. If you can donate, I would greatly appreciate it. More importantly, the women in need of reproductive healthcare services who cannot afford it need it.

To donate to my team and support CAF, please click here.

Please reblog or repost if you can. Thank you for reading.

Steve Adler


To All The Geniuses Who Think Emergency Contraception Is The Abortion Pill You Are About To Be Schooled

28 Mar

Today is the annual day of action for the BACK UP YOUR BIRTH CONTROL  campaign.  This year’s theme is EC=BC.  I guess there are people out there who honestly believe that emergency contraception is the abortion pill.  I have very little tolerance for stupidity and anyone who believes that is stupid.  Why sugarcoat it?

First off, the price of emergency contraception should tip one off to the fact that it is not the abortion pill.  There is a HUGE difference between what emergency contraception costs and what the abortion pill costs.  I’m talking hundreds of dollars worth of difference.

Second, you can get emergency contraception over the counter if you are 18+.  You can’t just walk into a pharmacy or Planned Parenthood for that matter and ask for the abortion pill and be given it.  Go ahead and try and let me know how that goes for you.

Thirdly and most importantly, emergency contraception only works if you aren’t already pregnant.  It acts like a goalie trying to block the other team from scoring.

Since I worked at Planned Parenthood I was trained in all the facts of emergency contraception, but remember I am not a doctor.  I want to stress that emergency contraception is not to be used on a daily basis or even that frequently.  It really should be a back up to condoms or other methods of birth control.  It is not a magic pill.  It is not 100% effective.  Women still end up pregnant after taking it.  The horror!

There are 3 types of emergency contraception that I am knowledgeable in:

  1. Next Choice = this is a generic and therefore the most affordable.  It is most effective up to 72 hours after, but it’s best to take it ASAP.  The effectiveness goes down everyday.  It is also comes in 2 pills.  I was taught to advise women to not follow the included directions.  It’s best to take both pills at the same time so you don’t forget that second pill.
  2. Plan B One-Step = one pill, easy to take, and effective up to 72 hours after.  The effectiveness does decrease daily.
  3. Ella = everyone needs a prescription for this one!  It’s the newest one and therefore the most expensive.   However, it’s effective for up to 5 days and it’s effectiveness does not decrease.

My emergency contraception spiel when dispensing it went a little something like this: “Make sure to take it on a full stomach because it could make you nauseous.  Your period could come sooner than usual or it may be lighter or heavier than usual.  You may have some spotting or bleeding after taking it.  If you don’t get a period, take a pregnancy test”.

Remember, it’s always a good idea to have a back up plan.  Here is an EC cheat sheet  and if you love couponing here is an Ella coupon and a Plan B One-Step coupon.  Or head on over to your nearest Planned Parenthood where it’s usually cheaper than any pharmacy!

George Carlin Was A Feminist

13 Mar

I adore and admire George Carlin.  I think he was a very wise man and will one day share with you his life philosophies, but today is about George Carlin The Feminist.  Some people may find this an outrageous claim, but I’ll prove my point.  Let’s first discuss the above video which is actually just audio.  George talks about rape and claims that rape can be funny depending on the exaggeration.  What he is doing is giving an intro into a discussion about rape, but he does it with a touch humor.  I feel humor is an effective tool for getting people to let their guards down and not put up defenses immediately.  Through his comedy he was able to reach a wide diversified audience.  And when he is joking about rape he is basically saying what the fuck is wrong with this guy?  He is putting the blame on the rapist and not the “victim”.  Oh, and he was completely right about there being a higher incident of rape at the North Pole.

He also jokes about feminists and language and I agree with him on this.  My big issue is with the word girl being used for adult women and how we shouldn’t do it because it infantilizes women.  Many of my female friends use the term such as hey girl or you’re my girl.  And I don’t think there is anything wrong with that.  We aren’t trying to put each other down or be demeaning.   For us it’s a term of affection, a closeness, a bond.  I think women using the term amongst ourselves is ok.  A guy however should never say hey girl to me (or any other woman).  I have a name, use it and if you don’t know it hey hey is not the way to go about it.

This is one of my fave clips of George’s comedy.  He tackles all the issues of abortion with humor!  What’s more entertaining than that?  Everyone should watch this video regardless of their view on abortion.  My favorite moments are when he asks the audience to name 6 ways humans are better than chickens, homosexuals, the Catholics, and how periods make women serial killers.

“We declare war on the things we don’t like about ourselves”.  His observations on our society were so astute.  He was for the people.  He has the perfect solution for homelessness.  He thought golf courses should be turned into housing for the homeless and that it should be referred to as houselessness.  Does that not sound like a feminist to you, a radical feminist at that.  I completely agree that way too much land is used for golf courses and that it is an elitist, sexist, and racist “game”.  Golf is NOT A SPORT.  CHEERLEADING IS A SPORT.  Golf is the fat, white guy’s so called sport.

Even though George passed in 2008 he was always a good judge of character.  He totally got Rush Limbaugh.  I mean, Rush has been married 4 times and doesn’t have any children yet is completely clueless about birth control.

Women’s History Month

1 Mar

~Adrienne Rich~

March is that time of year designated for celebrating how lovely women really can be.  Did you know it didn’t even exist until 1987?  Read more about it and this year’s theme Women’s Education-Women’s Empowerment here.

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