Cannibas, Oh Cannibas-An Ode to Weed

9 Nov

This is my love poem to marijuana.  I originally posted it on the blog I started with my friend Sam, who now has her own awesome site where she writes about dealing with her brain tumor.  Some of the reactions from people I know were you can’t write about weed!  To which I replied why not?  If you know me, you know weed kinda defines a bit of who I am.  And how is it going be made legal if people aren’t opening up about using it?!?!  I’m not sure if I want weed to be made legal, but I most certainly want it to be decriminalized.  It may help our economy.  I would love if I could go to the corner store and pick up a pack of joints whenever I wanted.  Sounds like bliss.  I mean think about it…how much trouble do you get into when you get drunk and how much trouble do you get into when you get stoned?  I think I made my point. Peace, Love, & Weed.

Most days I love you

Some days I don’t

When our relationship is good

It’s very, very good

When our relationship is bad

I feel like I am dying- literally

Oh, how can you turn on me when I love you so?

I give you my loyalty, devotion, and trust

In return you give me paranoia

Or worse

I feel like you are suffocating me

I can’t breathe

It feels as if you are choking me

How can this be love?

Oh, why do you do me like you do

Why can’t it always be a good time when we are together?

I love when you help me see humor in everything

Some of my best laughs are shared with you

You make my favorite movies even more enjoyable

Who knew that Ferris Bueller could seem even better than it already is

You are the best sleeping aid a lady like me could have

And oh how I adore you when you miraculously cure my hangovers

Oh, weed you inspire me so

You spark my creativity

You help me to think outside the box

I can’t thank you enough for the wisdom you provide while I’m under your spell

You captivate and enchant me

Which is why I keep coming back for more

I’m willing to forgive you for the freak-outs you induce

The nights I have to sleep with all the lights on

I can’t give you up

Nor do I want to

You are more pleasure than pain

So, I’ll take my chances

And light up my bowl

I surrender myself

I give up control


4 Responses to “Cannibas, Oh Cannibas-An Ode to Weed”

  1. growersguidetocannabis November 9, 2011 at 2:00 PM #

    i think you have it all summed up … and unless you use cannabis for medication then there’s no need for day long day in and day out use .. and then, the occasional jo will let your mind go!

  2. sozmore November 9, 2011 at 9:05 PM #

    I can’t speak from personal experience (no really I can’t :-), but I agree it at least should be decriminalized. I taught at an alternative high school for a while and was surprised at the different reactions my students had. Some seemed to be able to smoke without it affecting their school work, but some were “very dull” on Monday and very smart by Friday because they only smoked on the weekends.

    One disadvantage to legalizing it is that they could tax it then. But just think what that could do for the economy. And it doesn’t really make sense that alcohol is legal and weed isn’t. As you said – look at all the trouble alcohol causes. None of my students were ever anything but mellow when high, and believe me that was a good thing in some cases. Of course, I couldn’t ever say that while I was still teaching.

    Anyway, enjoyed the ode!

  3. alex0067ex October 1, 2012 at 6:48 AM #

    I think the poem sucks but I love weed..
    Good job for trying tho


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    […]  Those are fun, but unnecessary complications that would inhibit my smoking.  If you recall my love poem to weed then you should have gleaned that I use marijuana on the daily.  For the most part.  The […]

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