We’re on Pinterest!

5 Feb

Over here at FashionFoodFeminism we try to stay up on our technology/social media. The newest thing we’ve started (and are slightly obsessed with) is Pinterest. This is a social media tool that allows you to create virtual pinboards. You can “pin” things that you see on blogs/wesbites that you frequent and categorize them into various boards. So, if you see a recipe that you like here, you can “pin” it to your “have recipes” board for later usage.

The social media component is really interesting as well. You can log in with your Facebook or Twitter and you automatically have “friends” on Pinterest and can look at their boards, repinning as you please.

Speaking of social media here is a picture I repinned from Pinterest:

how i would explain social media to my mom.


I will say that it is a total time suck just like most social media. And sometimes I find myself  pinning things for my home that I will probably never be able to afford. Or recipes that I’ll never make. Or things for a wedding that I don’t think I want to even have. And I do enjoy doing all those things.

So go ahead and find us:

Vera and Phaydra’s Pinterest’s

You can also find me (vera) on Instagram: @missverasays

Go Pin! Enjoy!

2 Responses to “We’re on Pinterest!”

  1. Belmir June 6, 2012 at 11:18 AM #

    To next month Posted by wherethedaytakesme on February 19, 2012 Posted in: blogs, chleaengls, fun, photography, photos. Tagged: challenge, fun, March, photo. Leave a Comment Like 10 days from now, I have spotted the next photo challenge on pinterest for March.a0 I didn’t get in on Februarys challenge, I think that I will do March’s.a0 This looks like a lot of fun, and I think doing this will also challenge me to start really using my point and shoot more.a0 I feel it would be more fun with my Dslr, but hey a camera is a camera, and it’s all fun.a0 So stay tuned friends the challenge is on, I will be posting a photo a day for the challenge here on my blog.a0 > March Photo Challenge.


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